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The Best Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination. From some of the best eateries, casinos, and hotels, it can be hard to know where exactly to go in Las Vegas. But Samantha from The Vegas Mom is a local and knows just the right hot spots to visit. So, whether you are a local, a tourist or just curious about what Las Vegas can offer you, our insiders share some of the best places to visit in Las Vegas.


The Best Place to Visit – Town Square Las Vegas

As a mother of two active toddlers, Samantha is a local who resides in Las Vegas. With all the grand and exciting activities in Las Vegas, one can often feel lost in all the commotion, too dizzy to figure out where, exactly, to go. But local resident Samantha shared her opinion about the best place to visit in Las Vegas. “My favorite place to visit in Las Vegas is Town Square because of the shopping, restaurants, and splash pad and playground area for my kids.” It can be difficult to find places in Las Vegas that are child-friendly when the majority of places are meant to appeal to adults only. Thankfully, thanks to Samantha, if you are in the same boat with children you should also check this place out for yourself.

Our local Las Vegas movers definitely agree that this is one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas. It is open Monday through Sunday and has something for everyone. From happy hour to the playground area that Samantha mentioned, Town Square is a great place to visit.

The Best Places to Eat – Hell’s Kitchen and Black Bear Diner

Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what and where to eat on a daily basis. This decision becomes even harder when you are in a city chock full of tons of great restaurants, so where do adults actually go? Samantha highly recommends Hell’s Kitchen and the Black Bear Diner.

Hell’s Kitchen is the well-known restaurant in Casers Palace featuring dishes created by Gordon Ramsey. “Hell’s Kitchen is for a date night with my husband,” said Samantha. The upper-class eatery serves delectable dishes such as the Beef Wellington or Eggs in Purgatory.2

Looking for something a little more toned down than Hell’s Kitchen? Why not try Black Bear Diner. Samantha says it’s one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas “when we all go out as a family.”


Exploring the City of Las Vegas

Vegas may not be as big as some of the other well-known cities in the country, but there is no shortage of places to go and restaurants to try. So get out there and figure out some of your own favorite places in Las Vegas. As a start, though, why don’t you check out the lovely places recommended by Samantha from The Vegas Mom.


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