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How to Make Cleaning Easier on Yourself

Don’t have time to finish your spring cleaning all at once? Well neither do we, so try these tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage, in order to make the process seem less overwhelming and more manageable! 

1.      Kitchen. While this may seem like the most daunting (and least fun part of cleaning), it pays to get the most tedious room to clean out of the way. Every week, make sure to stay on top of getting these jobs done – trust us - you’ll be thanking yourself later. To begin, try tackling mopping the floor and cleaning the exteriors of appliances first. Then focus on wiping down counters and cabinet doors, along with polishing any stainless steel appliances that may be in need of regular cleaning.

2.      Bathroom. Give all of your bathroom fixtures some extra attention, a couple times a week, in order to avoid excess build up – this will make it much easier to keep it clean in the long run. Try a general purpose spray and scrub your sink, toilet, exterior, tub and faucets. When you need to do some heavy-duty disinfecting, like for your toilet and toilet bowl, then try this trick – use some baking soda paste for extra tough germs and grime that won’t go away. Magic!

3.      Dust. Want to make sure that your furniture will last as long as possible, as well as make sure your air is the best quality possible? Maintain your furniture and shelves by making sure they are continually dusted on a weekly basis. You’ll be glad that you did when an unexpected guest shows up!

4.      Rugs. You always make sure to take care of your wall to wall carpet, right? Well, then you should do the same for your rugs! Before you do though, make sure to double check with the care labels before deciding how to clean them; some rugs come with instructions to launder them, dry clean or spot clean. If you are working with a smaller rug, take the rug outside and either shake it, or use a broom to beat it to make sure all of the dust and dirt empties from it.

5.      Floors. In order to keep your floors from becoming too dirty, mopping is the best way to make sure your home stays in the best possible shape. Wet mops will make sure that your bathroom and kitchen floors are sanitized at all times.

6.      Bed Linens. Many people forget to do this, but definitely don’t forget to change your bed linens and pillow cases at least once a week. If you are a clean-fanatic and want to get your sheets as clean as they possibly can be, then try washing your sheets in warm water and using non-chlorine bleach when washing whites. However, for all cotton fabrics, blankets or duvet covers, opt to wash them in cold water, so as to avoid potential shrinkage of your beloved items.