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Things You Should Know Before You Move to the Florida Keys

It is no secret that the Florida Keys are a piece of paradise. Perfect weather and crystal blue waters – who wouldn’t want to live here?! There isn’t a single reason we can think of, that’s for sure! Are you thinking about moving to where the weather is always perfect? Kissimmee completely get it! Check out what you need to know about moving to the Keys.


What You Need to Know About Moving to the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a series of tropical islands just below Miami, making up the southernmost tip of the country. With a climate to die for, the Keys are loved by tourists and residents alike for the laid back lifestyle and the beautiful ocean. Before moving to the Keys, our Kissimmee local movers can tell you a little bit about what life in the Keys is like.

Picture a place of total relaxation where you don’t have to have a care in the world, a place where the people are untroubled and everywhere you turn there is a sandy island waiting to greet you. When you move, you will be one of 73,000 inhabitants on the islands and you will get to experience warm weather 365 days a year! Enjoy beautiful sunrises on the water and spend the day fishing with friends. Stop by a local diner for some authentic key lime pie! There isn’t a more relaxing destination to call home than the Florida Keys.

Despite the beauty and relaxing atmosphere, there are still some other serious factors to consider when you’re planning to move to the Keys. Due to its location, the Keys are particularly vulnerable during hurricane season so it is important to know that you will be moving to a mandatory evacuation zone. As you’re house hunting, be sure to ask your realtor how the home has stood up against hurricanes in the past and what steps have been taken to reinforce and protect the house.

What to Consider Before Your Move to the Florida Keys

If you already live in Florida, then you know how special the Keys are, but if you are planning on making a move from a different state, the Kissimmee residential movers have shared a few things you should keep in mind:

- Moving to a hot climate can make it a difficult move. Be prepared with the appropriate clothing for the weather in the Keys for you, your kids, and your pets.

- The main roads in the Keys (a.k.a. US-1) are well-paved, so moving in with a moving van will be no problem; however, the road to your new home may not be paved or very wide, so make sure to check beforehand.

- Some of the homes in the Keys may not have central air because they’re older and the breeze doesn’t make it absolutely necessary sometimes. You will want to make the necessary arrangements to have an A/C system installed before your move.


Our Kissimmee long-distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are happy to share more on what you need to know about moving to the Florida Keys and can help you with your entire move from packing to furniture assembly at your new home! Contact us today to get started.