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The Best Way to Clean Your Baseboards

Baseboards are the part of the house that do not get a lot of TLC. If you think about it, you will probably have a hard time recalling when the last time was that you cleaned the baseboards in your home. Do not worry, our Kissimmee local movers understand sometimes life just gets a little too busy. That is why we want to share the best way to clean baseboards! Whether you are moving into a new home, out of your old home, or just cleaning, this technique will have your baseboards looking brand new.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Baseboards?

The baseboards in your home should be dusted every time you sweep or vacuum your home. At the very least, baseboards should be cleaned twice a month. Cleaning your baseboards regularly will help keep dust under control and prevent dirt buildup.

Our Kissimmee residential movers know that the best way to clean baseboards and keep them clean is to do a thorough cleaning twice a year to remove any marks, food, or heavy grime from in between the floor and the wall and your baseboards.

Keeping your baseboards clean has never been easier than following these tips. All you will need are the following items:

- vacuum

- small bucket

- microfiber dust cloths

- sponge

- dishwashing soap

- wood cleaner

- melamine sponge

- dryer sheets

- Q-tips

- pencil eraser

- WD-40

How to Clean baseboards

1.Move all furniture off the wall
The best way to clean baseboards is to move all the furniture that blocks access to seeing and cleaning the baseboards.

2. Get rid of surface dust first
Use the dry microfiber cloth to remove surface dust from the front and grooves of your baseboards.

3. Create a cleaning solution
The best way to clean baseboards that are painted vinyl is to add ½ tsp of dishwashing soap into a bucket containing 2 quarts of warm water. If your baseboards are finished wood, then you will want to follow the instructions on the wood cleaner bottle.

4. Wipe away anything dirty
Now that you have removed any dust or debris that could get spread around by a wet solution, it is time to clean your baseboards with a damp microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution. The best way to clean baseboards with this solution is to dip the cloth into the solution mix you made and wring out any excess water so that it does not drip down the baseboards and leave streaks. Start from the top of the baseboards and work your way down and be sure to rinse your cloth out often while you work.

5. Let the baseboards air dry
No need to go back and dry the baseboards by hand, let them air dry completely before putting furniture back.

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