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Moving with Pets – Kissimmee

After the death of a loved one and divorce, moving comes in as the third most stressful life situation.[1] It makes sense – you’ve established a routine for yourself over an extended period of time, and relocating is a sudden disruption. Most likely, you’re taking care of tasks that aren’t normally in your routine such as booking our Kissimmee movers to help you move into the new home, changing your address with various places of importance, making any last-minute payments on the new home, and so on. Throughout your busy schedule, you may not notice the stress your furry friend is experiencing too. Animals are generally more accustomed to a routine and tend to react to the people’s energy, so a mere disruption can cause them to have accidents or misbehave. Not to worry, our Kissimmee movers can show you how moving with pets can be simple.


Before the Move with Pets

A few weeks before your moving day, start getting things in order for your furry friend. Give your veterinarian a visit to restock on any prescriptions they’ll need and have one last check up for your pet for the road. Ask about rabies tag state regulations if you’re moving with pets to another state [2] ahead of time as well as recommendations for trustworthy vets in your new hometown. Don’t forget to update your pet’s microchip with new information just in case they get lost during the journey.


After the visit, put together an overnight kit for your pets to help them feel some sort of comfort during the move. The kit should include items such as food, a pooper scooper, toys, cat litter, grooming tools, and treats. The treats can come in handy during the move as they’re a great way to reinforce good behavior.


Pets During the Move

Now that your moving day has finally arrived, pay special attention to your pets’ behavior to prevent them from experiencing too much moving anxiety. While our Kissimmee long-distance movers load your belongings in the moving truck, contact any hotels along the route to confirm whether or not they’re animal-friendly. Taking a break from being in the closed-in space like a car can help relieve some of that pent-up energy.


For small animals, keep them safe in a kennel with a blanket draped over it during the drive to keep them calm as the environment outside keeps changing. Help them become acclimated to the kennel by having them sleep in it a few times before the day of your move and reward them with treats whenever they do so.


Reward Pets After the Move

Now that you and your pet arrived at the new home safely, you must still be attentive towards your pet’s behavior. Designate an area of the new home for you pet to familiarize themselves with as our Kissimmee movers help you settle down. If you have a big dog, you can let them run around in the yard to keep them safe in the midst of the chaos happening inside the house.


Enjoy Stress-Free Moving with Us

When you hire the Florida movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage Kissimmee to help you move into your new home, you’re sure to receive the best customer care in town. Contact our moving company in Kissimmee today for your free moving quote. 



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