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Moving with Children

As you’re preparing for your move to Kissimmee, everything may seem to go by in a blur. You have a long list of relocation tasks to complete such as updating your address with various places of importance, installing a home security system in the new home about a week before your moving day, and so on. However, what may slip your mind in the flurry of excitement is the moving anxiety your children may experience. Young children are more likely to experience moving anxiety due to the drastic change to their surroundings. Don’t worry, our Kissimmee movers at All My Sons can provide helpful tips on helping your child cope with moving.


Before Your Move to Kissimmee

When it comes to moving with children, the first thing you must do to reduce their moving anxiety is to plan a fun day out after moving to Kissimmee. Have a family meeting to choose where to go and what to do once you move to Kissimmee. Activities can include an arcade, children’s museum, ice cream parlor, or an amusement park. The little ones having fun will help ease them into their new home after the move. Also, take the time to sit down with the kids to pick out decorative items for their new room. When you’re moving with children, picking a room color or theme will help them become even more optimistic for their move to Kissimmee.


Moving Day

So, now that your moving day has finally come, it’s time to pay extra attention to your kids’ behavior to help them cope with the move. Start off by introducing the little ones to your Kissimmee movers to help them see our moving experts less as strangers and more as friends. Our Kissimmee movers at All My Sons are highly experienced in moving families across the nation, so they know that moving with kids requires special attention to make sure they aren’t negatively impacted by such a big change in their lives.

While our Florida movers are using our Kissimmee packing services to properly pack your valuables, set aside a box or bag full of your children’s most prized-possessions to keep them busy. These items can include coloring books, picture books, card games, or even a mobile tablet to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. This will keep them distracted from the moving chaos of packing and loading the truck on the day of the move.


After Moving to Kissimmee

Once our Kissimmee movers have you settled into your new home, fulfill the promise you made to the kids for a day of fun after moving to Kissimmee. Visit local arcades, entertainment centers, amusement parks, and more to provide a day of fun for your children while helping them become familiar with the area. Along with enjoying a fun day out, introduce the kids to the neighbors to help them be less like strangers. Who knows, these neighbors can have children of their own your kids can befriend.


Moving with the Best Movers in Town

When you select our Kissimmee movers as your first-choice in relocation services, you’re sure to get exceptional customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. For over twenty years, our Florida movers have helped families and businesses relocate across the country, giving us the experience to perfect our affordable relocation packages. Why wait? Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote!