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Moving on a Budget with Kissimmee Movers

While you’re planning out your move to Kissimmee, of course the first thing that’s a matter of concern is your financial situation. Moving causes quite a bit of stress and managing your finances while doing so can exacerbate it. The last thing you want is to end up broke after such a big move. Our expert Kissimmee movers, though, can share money-saving tips for moving on a budget. If you’re not able to do a DIY move to Kissimmee, you can always hire our moving company in Kissimmee since we also offer relocation packages that are affordable.


Don’t Buy Boxes

First things first: don’t shop for moving boxes. When planning a move to Kissimmee our initial instinct is to go out and purchase moving boxes. However, if you’re moving on a budget, it’s important to look for moving boxes. There are plenty of moving boxes at your disposal if you just ask. Places like supermarkets and liquor stores have an endless supply of boxes since most of their inventory is shipped to them in boxes. Stop by these local places of business to ask for boxes and in most cases, they’ll have no problem giving some to you. Liquor store boxes are especially useful to pack drinking glasses since they’re not only sturdy, but they already come with divisions to protect each individual glass.


Tax Write-Off

Luckily, moving to Kissimmee can be considered a write-off by the IRS. However, your move to Kissimmee must meet certain criteria for it to be a tax write-off. First, your relocation must be job-related. Besides a new job as the reason for your move, you must be working a full-time job for at least 39 weeks within the first 12 months of your move.1 The move must also be at least 50 miles from your previous residence.


Declutter Unwanted Items

The more items you bring with you for your move to Kissimmee, the more packing material you must purchase. You can cut down on this cost by opting for our Kissimmee packing services or by decluttering all your belongings. Do you have stacks of magazines you already read? Or what about those old electronics you no longer have use for? Start sorting out items you no longer want and discarding them appropriately. If you have a large number of books, you can always donate them to local schools or libraries as they always need to add to their literary collection. However, if parting ways with your books is too difficult of a decision, you can always look to Media Mail by the United States Postal Service.2 With this mailing service, you’re allowed to pack a box with 20 pounds worth of books for just $12.


Off-Season Moving

When moving on a budget, you should plan to move during the off-season. Off-season is around October to March of the next year. Around this time, people are not moving during this time due to harsher weather conditions (if they live in colder climates) and the holiday season. As this is the case, moving companies such as our Florida movers will help move you into your new home for a discounted price. Off-season moving will save you, on average, about thirty percent of the cost of peak-season moving after hiring our Kissimmee movers.


Moving on a Budget with All My Sons

When you select our moving company in Kissimmee as your first-choice in relocation services, you’ll be able to save money with our affordable moving packages. For over twenty years, we’ve been moving families and businesses across the country, therefore, we have the expertise to move you at an affordable price. Call us for more tips on how to save money while moving and get your free moving quote today.



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