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Best Packing Hacks for a Move to Kissimmee

Moving day is almost here and it’s time to start packing up all your valuables. Our local movers in Kissimmee don’t recommend procrastinating when you’re packing for a move to Kissimmee. There’s no need to fret—our experienced Kissimmee movers are here to share our best packing hacks for your move to Kissimmee. However, if you are overwhelmed with packing or have too much to pack, you can always use our Kissimmee packing services to save money and time as you prepare for your move to Kissimmee.


Drop Everything—It’s Time to Declutter!

Now that you have decided to move to Kissimmee, you are going to need to pack up everything you own and make sure it arrives at your new home safely and securely. There’s nothing more annoying than moving unnecessary items into your clean and empty house.

Here are a few questions to consider as you’re decluttering your home:

• When was this item last used?

• How often do I use this item?

• Do these clothes still fit?

• Should we replace our kitchen utensils and glassware or are they still usable?

 Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?


Now that you’ve gone through the items in your wardrobe, living spaces and miscellaneous objects, it’s time to learn how you can use used items to store your belongings instead of purchasing new boxes.


Utilize Your Belongings—Recycling is Fun!

There are so many different types of household objects you could use instead of purchasing new boxes as you’re packing for a move to Kissimmee. Here are a few different things you could recycle in your packing process.

Household Linens

There’s no need to go out and purchase bubble wrap for your delicate items—Blankets and towels are a great way to protect your belongings without breaking the bank. If you don’t have enough blankets and towels you could always use any sheets, bedding, tablecloths or even oven mitts.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are easily accessible and will provide the right amount of protection. All you have to do is slide your clothes on hangers directly into the bottom of the trash bags and tie the top around the hangers and you’re good to go. Unpacking will be a breeze!

Travel Luggage and Miscellaneous Bags

Utilizing your luggage and large bags for moving is an easy way to store your belongings before you move to Kissimmee. The purpose of luggage is to carry your belongings when you’re traveling and what’s a move if not an adventure to your new home! Utilize your luggage, pack it to the max (there’s no weight limit you need to worry about), and simply wheel it into your new home.

Used Moved Boxes

Our Kissimmee movers want you to know you could ask local businesses for their used cardboard boxes. Your local grocery store, liquor store and department stores all receive weekly shipments of products that are stored in cardboard boxes. It doesn’t hurt to ask around to a few local places and we are sure they would be willing to recycle their boxes to you.


For more information on the packing services we offer at All My Sons Moving & Storage, contact our Kissimmee movers today!