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Best Moving Apps in 2019

Now that you’ve decided that you’ll be moving to Kissimmee, there is a lot to take care of to make sure everything goes smoothly. This may include booking our Florida moving company to help you settle into the new home, updating your address with various places of importance, scheduling installation of a new home security system, and so on. But you can make the whole relocation process much simpler by using certain mobile apps. Our Kissimmee movers are happy to list some of the best moving apps in 2019 to make your move go a little smoother!


If you still haven’t found your dream home, download Zillow, [1] offering thousands of house and rental listings across the country. This Seattle-based company helps the user throughout each stage of the home-hunting process by providing resources like the current mortgage rates. What’s even better is the real-time view Zillow features of a prospective neighborhood, giving you the overall feel of the area.


Once you’ve finally decided on your new dream home, make things easier on yourself by planning where to place furniture in advance with Magicplan. [2] When opened, this app allows users to record dimensions of their new home to create floorplans that allow you to visualize the space with furniture through augmented reality.

In addition to floor plan assistance, Magicplan also offers features such as 3D models, virtual tours, site surveying, as well as a material and cost estimator, making it one of the best moving apps in 2019.


Packing is a tedious task no one looks forward to, and if you’re dreading the task, download Sortly [3] to make it easier on yourself. This app lends you a hand by categorizing items by room and creating labels for boxes, making it a great addition to your moving checklist.

If Sortly can’t do the trick, you can always opt for our Kissimmee packing services as our Florida movers are specifically trained in packing all sorts of items. We use high-grade material to pack your valuables securely, so you can rest assured your belongings will arrive at the new home damage-free.

Facebook Marketplace

If you do an inventory of what needs to be packed, you might notice you no longer need some of these miscellaneous items. Lighten your load for the move and put money back in your pocket by selling your useless junk on Facebook Marketplace. This platform allows users to list almost anything; from clothing and décor to homes and vehicles.

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