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Tips for Painting Your New Home

Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite like getting it decorated to your taste. Kansas City movers can bring in all the furniture they want, but until you have some color on the walls, you might feel like the home is a little bland. Before you even pick up a brush, consider these tips for getting the job done.

Time It Right

The best time to paint your new house is before you ever move into it. Why? Because:

  • Painting is extremely disruptive, as it could mean shutting off entire rooms until the walls dry.
  • The job can be quite smelly, and some people even get headaches from the fumes.
  • If you already live in the home, you are going to have the extra work of moving or covering furniture and taking items off the walls.

Some people may choose to live in their homes for a little while before they get a feel for what colors they want. If you already know which hues will work, try to get the job done before you get settled.

Pick the Right Paint

There are a number of different finishes and types of paint. Oil-based paints work well on trim, and latex or water-based paints are ideal for walls. Also consider that you have to choose from flat, which is easy to touch up and hard to clean; eggshell, which is easy to touch up and gives a low-sheen finish to a room; or satin, which is easy to clean but difficult to touch up. Semi-gloss and glossy paints are ideal for trim. If you aren’t sure which type of paint you should use, ask a professional.

Do the Prep Work

Even if you are painting in an empty home, there is still some work you will need to do ahead of picking up the brush or roller. You should take the time to tape around baseboards, moldings, windows and doorframes. Remove any light switch covers or electrical socket plates as well.

If any of the walls have damage, make repairs before painting. Fill nail holes and spackle and sand larger problem areas. Wait until these areas are dry before you start painting.

Know the Moves

There are three key tools you should use while painting: a trim brush that is 2 to 3 inches wide; a sash brush that is 1½ inches wide; and a 12-inch roller. The trim brush is perfect for outlining the room, including along the baseboards and in the corners. For tricky areas, such as around molding, use the sash brush, which is deal for cutting in around tight areas. You can do the remaining areas with the roller.

Do not overload your brush or roller with paint, as it can lead to drips and spills. Take your time and do long, smooth movements to prevent spotting or visible brush strokes in the paint.

You may need to do a few coats, depending on which primer and colors you use. Let the walls dry for 24 hours before allowing the Kansas City movers to bring in all your belongings. Following these key tips will help you paint like a professional and move into a house that you can truly call home.