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Tips for Packing Fragile Items

When it comes time to move, everyone’s least favorite part of packing is putting all of your fragile items properly together to make sure none of them break or get damaged. While carefully wrapping and packing fragile items may be time consuming, it will be well worth it once you arrive at your new house and your delicate items are all in one piece. Take the time to read up on how you can go about packing fragile items from the Overland Park movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Get the Right Supplies
Fragile items require ample methods of wrapping and tape. The Overland Park movers suggest using bubble wrap as your main form of wrapping. Some more materials you can use for packing fragile items are Styrofoam packing peanuts and plastic wrap. After gathering enough boxes, make sure you have ways of labeling them, such as colored stickers and markers. When marking the boxes, you want the words FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP to be seen very clearly. Red fragile tape can be purchased from the Overland Park movers.

Securing the Boxes
It is important to secure the bottom of the box, taping any loose flaps or open areas. You need to be packing fragile items in smaller boxes that have a tight fit. Not only will following this step make it easier to carry around everything considering the weight, but the items are less likely to shift into different positions. When fragile items shift in boxes they are more prone to chipping and other damages. Overland Park movers suggest lining the bottom and the edges of the box with bubble wrap.

Wrapping Individual Items
You can use newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap individual items. If you have several items that you want to keep in the same place, you can use the stretching plastic wrap to group them together. Heavier items go on the bottom of the box, while lighter items can be stacked on top of those. Make sure you are not overpacking, because overpacking boxes can be more troublesome than convenient. Fill up the rest of the empty space in the boxes with packing peanuts. Mark the boxes with your red fragile tape or clearly indicate that the items inside the boxes are fragile. When the Overland Park movers see the red tape, they will be more careful with the boxes. 

Bringing the Most Important Boxes Along with You
Your most fragile belongings and the ones that you care about the most should be brought to your new house in your own car. This way, you are in charge of what happens to these boxes. While the Overland Park movers do their best to protect your belongings, there is still some potential for jostling and movement of the fragile boxes.