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Things Kansas City is Known For

Although it may not be the first city to come to mind when thinking of major metropolitan areas in the U.S., don’t be fooled, Kansas City has a rich and vibrant history. From the modern day spectacle to the history of some of the biggest Kansas City movers and shakers, this town has seen its fair share of interesting and unique stories.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Kansas City, we have decided to compile a list of all the best little known facts about this big city on the Kansas River. Whether you are a local resident or you just hoped off the moving truck, we are sure you will find some of these facts as a bit of a surprise. It’s time to get all about Kansas City!

- Jazz – Chances are you have heard of the all American born musical genre, jazz. What you might not know is that Kansas City was one of the first cities to adopt jazz and really take the genre to the next level. This is the birth place of Charlie “Bird” Parker, arguably one of the most influential and important jazz musicians of all time. Stop by the All American Jazz Museum to see the 18 foot statue of Bird himself.

The City of Sin – Back in the dry days of prohibition, people were drinking all kind of moonshine and terrible tasting rubbing alcohol level, Mason jar filled concoctions in back alleys and behind closed doors. Not Kansas City. Oh no sir. Kansas City moved in to the lime light for a short time when a local politician refused to enforce the ban on alcohol. Jazz and booze? This ain’t your grandma’s Kansas City baby!

The forgotten Gettysburg – That’s right. Kansas City was host the largest battle west of the Mississippi during the Civil War. The Battle of Westport was a 3 day struggle. It’s a far cry from the modern day Westport, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Kansas City these days.

The Birth Place of Mickey Mouse – Okay, this one is a little more difficult to confirm. What’s known for sure is that Walt Disney had a little studio producing animated shorts which would later lead to the famous mouse in shorts. After moving from Kansas City, Walt went on to draw and create all those famous toon we all know today. But it all started in, you guessed it, Kansas City.

Kansas Speedway –Oh boy if you like speed, cars and good food, the reputable Kansas City moving company knows that you’ll find yourself at the Kansas Speedway. The Mid Western City of Sin has a need for speed. NASCAR too? That’s it. It’s time to admit, you’re moving to Kansas City. 


But before you make a call to the local long distance Kansas City moving company, it’s time to buy tickets to the Kansas Speedway, put some jazz on the playlist, and try find a good book on the Civil War. Small town charm with a city vibe and some fantastic history to boot; Kansas City has it all!