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Short Packing Timeline Before Your Move

Like anything in life, planning and preparation will help make moving an easier process to go through. From the moment you decide to move, the Kansas City moving service at All My Sons knows it’s time to put steps in motion towards getting you into your new home. Follow this short timeline for individuals moving within 30 days to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Week 1

Have you found your new home? Is it a bigger place? Smaller? This is the time that you want to take inventory of your possessions and determine what you’re bringing with you. Sell or donate anything you don’t need so that you start off fresh in your new home with the things you truly want. Afterwards, you’re going to want to schedule your move with a reputable moving company that offers both moving and packing services. Schedule an inspection of your home so that they may give you an estimate and help you determine what you’ll need to do going forward.

Week 2

If you’re not using your moving company’s packing services, then this is the time to pack all your non-essential items. These are things that you won’t need from now until after you move into the new place - so be sure to pack only the things you can go a few weeks without. This could include seasonal clothes and decorations, books, sets of dishes and other kitchen appliances that you don’t need right away. The rule of thumb is to get the kitchen out of the way as much as possible and then work your way through the other rooms. Label each box with its contents and if you prefer, use different colors of packaging tape to assist with easily identifying boxes after a move.

Week 3

There’s still time left before moving day, but at this point you want to have most of your items packed and ready to go if you’re not using professional packing services. Pack all infrequently used items and begin to break down furniture that isn’t being used. For homeowners and renters with guest rooms, this is a great time to begin clearing out that unused space. The same goes for the basement, as well as lawn equipment and furniture. With only a week left before the move in date, you want to minimize your workload as much as possible.

Week 4

This is when everything matters most. Pack up the remaining items around your home, and prepare your essentials box. This is the box you’ll need the first night in your new home. This may include a set of dishes, a bag of toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath wash, etc.,) work clothes and underwear, and bed sheets. This is also the best time to begin cleaning out your old home if you’re renting to secure your security deposit.

1-2 Days Before the Move

If all was done correctly, then you’re basically good to go. This is the time where you want to pack lunch and/or dinner, as well as some moving snacks. Rummage through your home to make sure nothing has been forgotten. If you’ve scheduled a professional packing service in Kansas City, contact them to confirm the time of their arrival. Go through your checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything you need to do. Once you’re satisfied, all that’s left to do is to enjoy the last night in your old home as you look to create memories in your new one!