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Saving on Moving Expenses

Although moving from one home to another may not seem very expensive initially, the sum of the moving expenses can surprise you. It may be hard to remember all of the things that are going to cost you money throughout your move, so the local movers in Overland Park from All My Sons Moving & Storage can help. Not only are we here to help you save money on moving services, but also here to share other ways you can save money when moving to Overland Park.

Get Quotes from Local Movers in Overland Park

Do not settle with the first moving company that you find. It is important to call around and get some moving quotes before you choose who to allow access into your home and to your belongings. We suggest getting about three quotes before deciding on one. Always try to find the best local movers in Overland Park for your moving situation. Make sure to check out reviews online for the moving company you are interested in. Some movers also have insurance and other hidden fees, so make sure you are researching the costs before committing to a specific company.

Ask Around

Instead of spending extra money on packing materials like boxes, you can save on moving expenses by asking around. Your friends and family may have extra supplies they can give or lend to you that they no longer need. Grocery and liquor stores usually have extra boxes that they are simply going to discard. You can use these for packing! Besides packing materials, ask around to see if anyone would like to help you move. The more the merrier!

Sell Your Unwanted Items for Extra Cash

Selling your old things will help you earn extra cash before moving to Overland Park. After you eliminate the clutter and figure out which items you wish to keep and which ones you want to sell, this not only makes you money, but you are going to be saving money on the haul. Certain moving companies charge by weight, so the less you have, the more you save.

Transfer Your Utilities As Soon As Possible

Make sure you transfer utilities like internet, cable, and electricity as soon as you are able to. Do what you can to avoid reconnection fees, or a bill from both your old home and the new one. Utility companies deal with things like moves every day. To save on moving expenses, local movers in Overland Park suggest you stay on top of the transfer.

Negotiate When Possible

It never hurts to ask if you are curious. If you are unhappy with the price of something, you can negotiate so both parties are content. Oftentimes, rent is negotiable and other fees throughout the moving process can be decreased or waived.