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Quick N Easy Moving Tips

Moving can be quite overwhelming and stressful, which is why we here at the Kansas City movers have a few tips to share on making your next move a pleasant and organized process. With a little planning and organization, you can be packed and ready to move in no time! Read on to learn our Top Ten Kansas City moving tips.

Start early! Honestly, once you know that a move is in your near future, there is no such thing as too soon to start. Begin with out of season items.

Never move items that you have no intention of using! Use the moving experience as a time to cleanse your home of unwanted and excess belongings. Sell or donate these items, do not just toss them into the trash!

Label everything! While this may seem like an extra and unnecessary step, you’ll be glad you did it when it comes time to unpack. Label all sides of the boxes so that no matter which way they are stacked, you know what is what.

Collect boxes from local grocery and liquor stores. Purchase bubble wrap and other packing supplies to fill the boxes with and protect your valuables.

Pack as much as you can while leaving out the bare essentials. You will be surprised how much stuff you can live without—it may inspire you to revisit some of those boxes to continue purging!

If you don’t want to purchase a bunch of plastic wrap, bubble wrap and other padding, you can resort to using towels, sheets, pillows and blankets to wrap items up with care. Use packing tape to secure so that fragile items don’t roll out.

When possible leave items together for easier unpacking, such as silverware in the tray, clothes in their dresser drawers, and so on. This will create a seamless transition for these items and will be less stuff to pack and then subsequently unpack.

Slip a garbage bag over about a dozen hangers with clothes on them straight from the closet. This way everything remains on the hanger and ready to be transferred into your new closet.

Hiring a moving company? Book the move in the middle of the week and take advantage of rates lower than the weekend, which is peak moving time.

Have friends and family help you—even if it is just for part of the move, every little bit helps! Order pizza and buy some beer and throw an impromptu housewarming party to thank everyone for their help.