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Packing Guide: Moving to Kansas on a Budget

Moving on a budget? No problem. All My Sons Moving & Storage is one of the few Kansas moving companies that welcomes people who are working with moving budgets. There are lots of ways to save money on moving, packing services and packing costs, all of which we will mention here.

So, save money, pack right and get moving with the help of the most trusted of all Kansas moving companies; this is the All My Sons Moving & Storage Packing Guide for Moving on a Budget!

What Packing Supplies Do You Need?

First, packing services companies recommend separating which supplies you need from those you don’t. Moving boxes and packing tape are essential to any packing service and you’ll need these no matter what kind of move you’re planning.

To save money, switch out bubble wrap and plastic covers with towels and newspaper. There’s always plenty of each laying around.

Moving dollies can be forgone as well, however, Kansas moving companies use them for every client and we always recommend them. Your back and furniture will appreciate the use of a sturdy, moving dolly.

Lastly, try to borrow as much as you can. Tools, utility knives and cable ties could be borrowed from family, friends and neighbors to lower your moving costs.

Affordable Packing Supplies

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we always recommend purchasing high quality packing supplies in lieu of purchasing used supplies or even no supplies at all. The long-term benefit of using new, sturdy moving boxes far outweighs the costs. Your belongings will take much less of a beating during transit if you have new moving boxes.

However, as any good packing services company would, we must warn you that if you must opt for used moving supplies, be sure to inspect them carefully. Be sure to purchase them from stores and try to avoid purchasing moving materials directly from people.

Money Saving – Smart Packing

Smart packing is a money saving enterprise. The idea being that the fewer moving boxes you have to use, the less money you have to spend on moving supplies; especially moving boxes.

Instead of using a packing service, pack yourself before the Kansas City moving company arrives!

Fill empty space. Extreme packers will find ways to fill every possible empty space within moving boxes. From placing clothing inside shoes, to putting dishes inside microwaves. Say no to open space and find a way to use all space within your boxes.

Line Boxes. If it’s made of a fabric of some type it should be used to line the inside of your boxes. Towels, clothing, linens; use them to line the inside of boxes saving you money and fill all open spaces.

Finally, if you want the option to use high end packing services and a full service moving company without spending all your moving budget, then call All My Sons Moving & Storage. Happy moving!