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How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

When it comes to packing a storage unit, there is definitely a bit of skill in maximizing space. Luckily, the Leawood movers have plenty of experience with moving & storage, so we have some storage unit tips to share with you.  Get ready to put some elbow grease into organizing your storage unit properly—it may take longer to set it up the way we recommend, but it will save you time in the future and allow for easy unloading when it is time to empty the unit.

Use boxes and labels. While it may be tempting to just stack things and place items at will, it won’t help you much when you need to find something specific. Also, leaving items unpacked and exposed makes them susceptible to wear and damage from the elements. Boxes will make it easier to make the most of vertical space and will keep items uniform.

Leave space for a walkway. When you stack the boxes, be sure to leave a walkway so that accessing boxes in the corners and back of the storage unit isn’t impossible. You might feel like the walkway is wasted storage space, but once you head through it to find boxes in the back you will be grateful you organized the storage unit the way that you did.

Keep track of what’s what. Make a list of what you are placing in the storage unit, whether its baby clothes or holiday decorations, extra appliances and so forth. Aside from the sheer organizational motivation to do this, there is also the practical purpose—should anything happen to the storage unit you have everything documented as to what was inside of it for insurance claim purposes.

Cover your items. Storage facilities are basically outside and have little insulation or protection for what is inside. Dust, bugs, and other outside elements can easily get in, so protect anything that may be harmed by these things and prepare your storage unit accordingly.  Mattress bags, upholstery bags and sofa covers will protect items from the 3 M’s: mold, mildew and moths.

Pack taller items towards the walls. Bigger items, such as furniture, should be at the farthest corners of the storage unit, with smaller and shorter items filling in gaps and central spaces. This will enable you to have a clear line of vision throughout the entire storage unit rather than have hindered lines of view from tall or bulky items.