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Moving Your Mattress on Your Car

If you are moving to Kansas City locally and are opting not to hire a local mover, you may choose to move your mattress on the roof of your car. However, make sure you are doing it properly or you could end up with a huge accident and a huge problem. Besides the fact, mattresses can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, so make sure you take care of it…even if it is on top of your roof.

Kansas City movers suggest that you pick up the following supplies in order to safely prepare your mattress for transport on top of your car roof:

-          Thick plastic mattress bag – try a local mattress store and ask if they have one that they can give you.

-          Rope

-          Duct tape

-          Scissors

-          Work gloves

After you have all of your supplies, you will need to prepare it. First, wrap your mattress in plastic and make sure that all of the edges are taped down. You do not want plastic flaps flapping in the wind while you are driving, so make sure that your mattress is completely wrapped and taped tight. This will also prevent any damage in case it rains.

Now, you will need enough rope to wrap around the length of your mattress three times. Grab a friend to help you lift your mattress on top of the roof of your car and make sure that it is centered. Take the first long piece of rope and toss it over the length of the mattress. The rope should be long enough that you can secure it under the front bumper of your car, and long enough to be tied under the back bumper as well. Tie knots on each end of the rope and make sure that it is taut.

For the very last step of moving your mattress to Kansas City via car, open all of your car’s windows except the driver’s side. Use the two other pieces of rope and toss them over the top of the mattress, and loop them through the three open windows; make sure they are taut and tie them. Kansas City movers want you to be absolutely sure that you do not loop the ropes through the driver’s window; once the mattress is tied through the windows you will not be able to open any doors, so leaving the driver’s door free is a safety precaution.  

Kansas City moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has one more piece of advice for moving your mattress on the roof of your car: travel safe and slow. If you have friends or family who are helping you move, have them drive behind you to make sure that the mattress is not slipping and try to take as many back roads as you can.

If you are not up for the task of moving your mattress, you can always call local Kansas City moving company All My Sons to help!