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Tips for Moving with Little Kids

Planning an upcoming move and curious how to manage the little ones? No worries, the Mission Hills local movers have guidance on how to move with children and remain calm & collected. Like all moves, ones with children can be exhausting whether they are across town or across the globe. With a little preparation, you can make it through the move with ease and begin enjoying life in your new residence.

That said, here are our tips for moving with toddlers!

Pack your child’s room up last, and unpack it first. Children thrive on (and crave) stability. While the house may change, it is important that their room stays the same. The younger the child, the more they will benefit from having their room basically just as they left it. Unpacking and staging their bedroom makes the move less traumatic and gives them a sense of ownership in the new home.

Be overly prepared and organized. Have the information handy for the local hospital, a new pediatrician, a dentist, your closest pharmacy, the grocery store, and the nearest chain restaurant that the kids love before you depart and arrive at your new home. If anyone gets sick or your child requests something specific, you need to know what is nearby. Moving with children requires even more preparation than your typical relocation with adults only.

Get a babysitter. If you don’t have a babysitter or someone else who normally watches the kids, bring along an aunt or an uncle who can devote 100% of their attention to your kids. This will let them be separate from the chaos, and you can focus on the move while you know your children are tended to.

Remain calm. Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about it. However, if you're moving with infants, toddlers, or both, effectively managing your stress is absolutely essential. There is already plenty of factors that could cause anxiety for your child throughout the moving process, so the less extra chaos they see (and inherently absorb) the better.

Remember the little things. If your child has a favorite teddy bear or blanket, don’t stash that away in a box somewhere. Keep items with specific sentimental value ready for your child to keep with them throughout the move. This will help ease any separation anxiety your child may experience from the changes, and minimize your stress when you arrive if you can't put your fingers on it right away. If it's important to your infant or toddler, it should be just as important to you -- don't let it out of your sight when you're moving.