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Moving with Family to Overland Park

Overland Park is the second most populous city in the state of Kansas. One of the greatest benefits of moving with family and kids to a heavily populated area is the amount of activities there are for every member of the family. The local movers in Overland Park have researched some of the best places for kids to play and have fun in the city. Take a look at all that Overland Park has to offer you and your family, the kids are sure to be delighted.

IFLY Kansas                         Experience indoor sky diving! Kids will be able to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with sky diving in a controlled environment. Instructors will provide instructions to the flyer and then they’re off. This activity is great for families with children ages 3 and up!

American Girl                     American Girl shops are filled with dolls and accessories designed to help owners of the dolls learn valuable character foundations at an early age. The dolls are designed to teach child that they can do whatever their hearts desire if they set their mind to it. Ideal for any child of the age of 3 interested in dolls.

Pinstripes                            Moving with family means finding activities the whole family can enjoy in your new cities. Pinstripes offers bowling, bocce ball and Italian fare. Play a game as a family and enjoy dinner at your private lane or stop by the restaurant. Every member of the family is sure to enjoy themselves this game night!

Top Golf                               The local movers in Overland Park highly recommend treating your family to an outing at Top Golf. Top Golf as several point-scoring golf games that every member of your family can enjoy. They also offer appetizers, burgers and flatbreads to munch on while playing.

Antioch Park                      Named one of Kansas City’s best parks, Antioch has something for every member of the family. With fishing ponds, rose gardens, and a mini wild west main street replica kids will have a fun filled day exploring all that nature has to offer.

Museum at Prairiefire    The American Museum of Natural History Exhibitions is the only museum in the Midwest that hosts natural history exhibitions. This family friendly museum offers an interactive room, the discovery room, where kids can learn hands on using the interactive games they have available.

Kansas City Zoo                 Enjoy a day out with the family at the Kansas City Zoo. Kids can come up close and personal with lions, polar bears, kangaroos and over 1,000 other animals! Open year-round and covering 202 acres, the Kansas City zoo is sure to be an unforgettable day out with the family.

Moving with family is a great opportunity to create new memories and bond in your new hometown. The local movers in Overland Park at All My Sons are excited to welcome you to Overland Park and hope your family enjoy all Kansas City has to offer its residents.