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Remain Intact with These Injury Prevention Moving Tips

There are techniques you can follow to avoid hurting yourself while moving to Kansas City with all your belongings, such as the position of your body while handing an enormous box, as well as precautionary supplies you should have handy. Your body will thank you for reading these moving tips from local Kansas City moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Supplies to Prevent Injuries While Moving:

1. Attire: Make sure to wear proper attire. Although you may get sweaty in the process, that is nothing that a shower cannot fix. Wear long pants and a long shirt. This will help you to avoid cuts and scratches on the parts of your body that come in the most contact with moving boxes and heavy furniture when moving. Kansas City movers recommend wearing closed toe shoes only; you would be surprised how easy it is to severely hurt a toe or toenail while moving. If necessary for the objects at hand, you can wear gloves to avoid similar injury on your hands. Injury prevention while moving starts from the very beginning of a move.

2. Band-Aids: Cuts and scratches are one of the most common injuries while moving, second to back injury, so make sure potential cuts and scratches can be handled in the most sanitary way to avoid further injury or infection. It is not a bad idea to bring an assorted variety of Band-Aids to be extra prepared for the severity of the scratch or cut.

3. Wound Dressing: Although Band-Aids are perfect for preventing the injury of minor cuts and scratches, there is the possibility of more severe wounds. Wound dressing should be a vital moving supply to have on-hand.

4. Eye Wash Solution: Moving is not always only with boxes, some items are unable to fit into a box and are moved by hand. If the item can poke or flake off and particles get in your eye, you should have eye wash solution handy. Throwing a pair of protective eyewear into your moving supply bag wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

5. Aspirin or Ibuprofen: Bruises happen very easily, along with headaches when moving. The number one item that everyone should have while moving is aspirin or ibuprofen of some brand. Bending and lifting heavy boxes and objects causes strain, which can cause headaches. To make headaches a little more bearable when moving, Kansas City movers recommend keeping aspirin or ibuprofen handy.

6. Topical Ointment: Cuts are likely to happen when moving with sharp-edged boxes and other objects. Not all moving injuries are preventable so it is best to be prepared. Bring some sort of antibiotic topical to apply before a Band-Aid if a cut occurs. This will prevent infection and allow you to continue with the moving process.

7. Towels: Moving heavy objects can take your breath away with all the energy you are exerting, so you are probably going to have water close by. Injury prevention while moving includes considering several potentially harmful situations. To prevent slipping if your water were to make it to the floor somehow, have towel handy. Big or small, thin or thick, it does not matter, just make sure it is an absorbent material that is ready for potential spillage. You can also keep a towel handy to blot your sweat while moving.

8. Proper Moving Technique: The most common way to get hurt while moving is by not using proper lifting techniques. Whether you are hiring a Kansas City moving company to do all of the lifting and loading, or you opt to help your movers, proper moving techniques must be involved to ensure that all parties involved remain unharmed. All My Sons Kansas City illustrates the proper moving technique for heavy lifting below.

1. Bend your knees

2. Do not twist

3. Keep It Low

4. Wide Stance

5. Take Your Time

6. Pay Attention to Your Body

7. Stretch


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