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Moving Tips for Newlyweds in Kansas City

Marriage is an exciting and life-changing time for many people each year. While you likely have stayed at each other’s apartments/homes while dating or engaged, you might not have fully moved in together yet. So what can you expect when you move in with your new spouse? A lot of surprised—some good, some not so good! Moving in Kansas City can be a stressful experience, and adding a “til death do us part’ roommate might be a little overwhelming at times. Luckily, we have a few tips designed to help you navigate the process with ease. Read on and see what we mean.

Start purging duplicates. It’s quite likely each of you had a blender, a grill, and other common items. While these are practical items solo, having two is simply excessive. Sell the extras on Craigslist or donate them to your local Goodwill store to get them off of your hands.

Save boxes when you can. If you start receiving items from your registry before moving into your new place, try and leave them in the box, or at least leave the original boxes so that when the time comes to move, you know exactly what parts belong to what and how they can be safely transported. Quite simply, this will help ensure that they don't break or become damaged in the moving truck. 

Prepare in advance. Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, and everything else that is involved with getting married can be downright draining, and the last thing you want to do is save packing for the last minute to add to the stress. Prepare for the pending move and pack a little at a time over the course of a few months. This is especially easy if you have out of season items that can easily be packed away. Taking it slow will also allow plenty of time for you to take inventory of what you have (which is beneficial to have with the moving process) as well as potentially do some extra de-cluttering.

When in doubt, store it. Have a few weeks where you will be moving or simply want to get packed items out of sight and out of mind? Consider renting out a storage unit for a few months to aid in this process.

Don’t forget to make the new home habitable! One of you will need to set up utilities, cable, internet, and water—and also make any account transfers with your existing accounts that you will no longer need to have control over.

Remember, at the root of it all, communication is extremely important and essential. Take a moment to discuss any issues, and always be sure to give each other a hug, express appreciation, and say thank you for the other person and what they do for you. It will make for a harmonious marriage, and even the little things can go a long way.