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Moving in the Rain in Kansas City

Once you’ve decided to move to Kansas City, you’re most likely prioritizing relocation tasks to complete before your moving day. Such relocation tasks may include hiring our Missouri movers to save you time and money on relocation services, changing your address with several places of importance before you move, scheduling a home security system for the new house, among other tasks. While making sure everything is going as planned, you check the forecast for the day of your move and notice there’s a high chance of precipitation. The weather can throw a wrench into your relocation plans, but it doesn’t have to if you’re already prepared. The Kansas City movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage share helpful tips on moving in the rain.


Choose Plastic Over Cardboard

Even though you should reduce your plastic consumption as much as possible for the sake of the environment, opt for plastic bins over cardboard boxes for your move to Kansas City. Cardboard is soggy when it gets wet, risking damage to the items inside.  If you decide to opt for our Kansas City packing services to take the tedious task of packing off your hands, our Missouri movers will safely pack your belongings in plastic containers to ensure all your valuables remain safe from moisture during the move.


Reduce Distance

When you’re moving in bad weather, remember to have all your packed items close to the door. You don’t want to come inside from the rain only to track water and mud around the house, which can lead to slips and falls. Make sure to move all plastic containers to the front door to refrain from soiling the floor. If the doorway is too small, you can always group the plastic bins in the garage to further reduce puddles and tracks on the floor.


Put Up a Cover

Creating a cover over the doorway to the moving truck can further facilitate moving in the rain. Whether it’s a pop-up tent behind the truck or a tarp hanging over the doorway, this is a great way to reduce damage to your valuables and injuries as you move out.


Loading the Moving Truck

Make moving in the rain easier by laying down cardboard from the doorway to the moving truck. This method will help reduce the risk of slips and falls in the rain as you or our Kansas City movers haul heavy items into the moving truck. You can also lie down cardboard, old towels, or rugs on the floor of the truck to reduce slippage within the truck.


The Moving Experts of Kansas City

Eliminate the stress of moving in the rain altogether by booking our Missouri movers for your move to Kansas City. We have over twenty years of experience with moving families and businesses across the nation in all types of weather, therefore, you can put your full trust in our licensed movers. Call us today to get started on your move into your new home!