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Make Your New House Feel like Home

It is already hard enough beginning your new move to Kansas City and not knowing anyone. But being surrounded with boxes and bare walls can make you feel like a stranger in your new house. Our Kansas City auto movers have created a guide for you to start making your new house a home.

Choose the Right Area

Before you even start the move to Kansas City, make sure you have found the perfect neighborhood. This will require some research beforehand. Look at the pictures given and try to envision yourself truly living there. Once you have chosen the perfect place for you, make an appointment to go and see it. Seeing it in person and getting a feel for the actual place can let you see if it has all the right necessities you need. We tell our customers as soon as you have completed this step, call our Kansas City relocation service. Knowing you are truly leaving can help you focus on your new place.

Unpack Quickly

Our Kansas City auto movers will help you move to Kansas City, one of our services is to help bring in your boxes into the new house. Once our team of professionals leaves, start the unpacking process immediately. Start with the items you had around in your new home. Hang the art that was up prior before you moved to Kansas City. Don’t forget childhood items as well. Redecorating can always come later, but your main priority should be in making your new house a home.

Once you have decorated, be sure that you have enough lighting. Our Kansas City relocation experts recommend lighting that gives off shades of white and yellow. These two lighting colors help promote a relaxation feeling and can make you feel at home and cozy. A bonus benefit for this is when you have people over they too will notice the homey aspect of your new house.   

Make the Bed!

Put some music on and get to work. Setting up your new home requires a lot of work. Start with making the bed. Nothing screams “I am home” to the feeling of laying down in clean new sheets. To help get you in the groove of things, blast that music. Put on tunes you are familiar with, songs that entice a memory before you moved to Kansas City.

The most important thing to remember is that it does take some patience to get used to your new house. Invite guests over once you have finished the decorating and settling in process. Contact us at All My Sons to learn more information on our moving services.