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Lower Your Energy Usage

When it comes to cutting expenses each month, there’s one easy way to lower your monthly costs. Using less energy in your home results in a smaller energy bill, so if there are some things you might be forgetting in terms of efficiency in your home, let’s help get you on track to saving money at your Kansas City home.

Keep Your Vents Clean

Dirty vents can cost you a lot of money, in addition to potentially making you too hot or cold and creating an unhealthy environment in your home. Take a look at your:

  -Central air vents

  -Heating ducts

Are they clogged with dirt and dust? If so, they can’t properly heat and cool your home. They have to work harder, which wastes energy. Regularly cleaning out your vents will instantly make your home more comfortable. The units will work better and you can keep your temperatures steadier. Moreover, you’ll reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the air, which is much healthier.

Check insulation

If your windows and doors aren’t fully closed or properly sealed, they waste a lot of energy. If you notice that heat seeps in during the summer or your house stays cold in the winter, they are probably your biggest problems. Make sure there aren’t any cracks and that everything shuts fully. You may even want to replace your doors with thicker, insulated ones. When you’re running the heat or the air, don’t leave your doors and windows open. Even if you’re just running outside for a second, you’re making the units work too hard. With central air or air conditioning units, that can even cause the units to freeze, making them worthless until they thaw. If you’ve got the windows open for fresh air, turn off the heat or air for the duration.

Call and negotiate

Like with most bills, your utility bills might have some hidden savings options you are not utilizing. Many utility companies have different payment options. They also have fixed-billing plans. When you’re on a fixed plan, you pay a set amount of money each month, based on your average bill. If you go over that amount, you have to pay the difference. That may come at the end of the billing cycle or at the end of the year. While you might occasionally face a larger bill, this is a great way to put yourself on an energy budget.

Remember that the energy you use is a direct relationship to your impact on the environment. Use less and live healthier and for less in your Kansas City home.