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Tips for Doing Your Laundry

Many of us have been washing loads of laundry for a while now, but are you doing it correctly? You might be surprised to learn some of the Kansas City movers laundry tips that make laundry easier, reduce the likelihood of ruining clothing, and maximizing the efficiency of your laundry loads. Read on and make laundry day more enjoyable!

Use the right water temperature. Cold is used for delicate fabrics, items that could shrink, and dark colors that might bleed. Warm is for slightly dirty items and tougher fabrics. Hot is for whites and really dirty clothing.

Make whites stay bright. If you are noticing a graying or yellowing of your white clothes, you are using the wrong temperature of water. Or, you are making clothes dirtier by washing them with really dirty clothes. Try to keep fair levels of soiling among clothes to prevent transferring dirt to not-so-dirty clothes.

Avoid bleeding of dark clothes and dyes by keeping bold colors together. Generally, if something is going to run it will be in the initial cycles of washing, so keep the burgundy, navy, and red items separate from lighter colors.

Use a lingerie bag for bras and wash them on the delicate cycle, or handwash them in the sink with Woolite.

Use the directed amount of detergent—too much detergent can cause suds to trap soil, locking it into clothes and doing the opposite of what you want! Run a short rinse and spin cycle if clothes aren’t too dirty.

Keep stains from setting. Rinse clothes in cold water and apply a stain remover or a dab of liquid detergent to start acting on the stain. If it comes out still dirty, pretreat the stain, wash it and repeat the process.