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Keeping your Stuff Secure after a Move to Kansas City

Whether you are moving into a new apartment, home, or college campus, keeping your belongings safe and secure is very important. Thefts are the most common crimes reported. Nationally, more than 80 percent of campus crimes are property crimes. Since Kansas City has a crime rate of 93% higher than that of the national average, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Kansas City wants you and your family to be safe. With our helpful tips on securing your belongings, you can breathe a little easier knowing we’ve got your back. 

First thing’s first, locking your doors is priority number one. Kansas City movers want you to make it a habit to always lock your doors. Whether it’s your apartment door or college room door, always lock it. Even if you are running quickly to the store or need to grab something out of your car, never underestimate a thief. They are sneaky and you may be vulnerable to their tricks. Always remember to lock your car. Thieves are not sustainable to vehicles. Reminding your roommates and/or family members about locking procedures is key.

When you finally move to Kansas City and you are getting ready to unpack your things, have someone keep an eye on your possessions that are still not loaded into your home. Since you will be in and out of your new house, the last thing you want is to be inside your home while someone is robbing the items you may have in your car or open moving truck.  Always remember to keep the house and car doors locked whenever you can during the process of moving.

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Kansas City movers urge residents to make sure that their most valuable possessions can’t be spotted and taken by a passerby. Secure these items so that others cannot acknowledge you have them. This mainly goes towards flashing money or valuables like jewelry. Keep these items out of sight by keeping them tightly secured in a box or safe.

Meet your neighbors. Once All My Sons Kansas City has gotten you settled into your new home, meet your neighbors and become friendly with them. Watch out for each other and get to know who belongs in the area and who doesn't. If you see someone acting suspiciously in your residence hall or neighborhood, alert the police. Try to get a good description of the person to give the officers if the issue arises.

Be careful who you allow in. Don't admit people you don't know or don't know well into a secured residence building, and don't help others trying to get into the neighborhood or campus halls. If they look suspicious, do not be afraid to report them.

Reporting thefts are vital to your security. Always make sure that you know the important local safety contact information like campus security, the local police, and the local fire station numbers and locations.

Ensuring that you and your belongings are safe during the process of moving is extremely important, so be alert, aware, and prepared at all times.