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Kansas City Summer Packing Checklist

If you’re doing your own packing this summer, the Kansas City movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage, one of the best Kansas moving companies, have created this summer packing checklist just for you. From packing supplies, to a room-by-room guide, you’ll know exactly how to get your house packed up this summer in no time!


To pack your house correctly and efficiently, you have to start with the packing supplies. The way you pack your belongings is going to set the tone for the rest of your move. If you pack everything swiftly and don’t even remember what you are putting where, you’ll have the biggest headache when you go to unpack everything!

Start with boxes. You can purchase boxes from All My Sons, or they come included with our full packing services. You want to make sure you get them in a variety of sizes, so that you can ensure your belongings will be safe during transit.

Next, you need the proper padding. Bubble wrap and packing paper are some of the best and easiest packing products to use. Moving blankets and furniture pads are the best packing products to use for your furniture.

Finally, you need strong packing tape to keep all your boxes in tact during transit.


To pack up your refrigerator, you want to get rid of all your food a couple of days or weeks before the scheduled moving day. Then, you should defrost it at least 48 hours before moving day.

You can pack your plates and bowls together in the same box, and wrap them individually with the packing paper or bubble wrap.

If you have a sectioned box, you should use this for your glasses. Don’t forget to individually wrap them before putting them into the box.

Next, you should remove any sharp blades from small appliances before putting them in boxes, to keep anything from getting damaged.

Dining Room

You should remove any legs or leaves from the table and wrap them in blankets. You should also wrap your chairs in blankets, and then roll up your rugs in packing paper.

Living Room

Just like the dining room table, you should remove any legs to couches and chairs and wrap them in moving blankets.

If you have the original packaging for your electronics you should try to pack them in that. If not, you should wrap them in moving blankets or bubble wrap and brace them in boxes.

Any TV stands or shelves that have glass, should have the glass taken out and wrapped in blankets.

Rugs should be rolled up and wrapped in packing paper.


You should break down all the beds, and put mattresses in mattress bags. You can put the hardware in plastic storage bags, and attach them to the headboards with tape.

You can pack the pillows and blankets in the dresser drawers, or you can put them in large, labeled moving boxes.

Use this guide to help your process, or if you want to save yourself the time and stress, call us and we’ll handle it all for you!