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Why Kansas City Is the Best Place to Move To

Kansas City—half Kansas, half Missouri—is a place that offers a little something for everyone. If you have just moved to town, there is plenty to see. Your new city is great for foodies, art lovers, sports fans, and wine connoisseurs, so your family has lots to do! Let your Kansas City moving company give you the breakdown.


Kansas City is unique in that it is really like two cities in one. The part of town west of the Missouri River is in Kansas and is very residential and suburban. The area east of the river is in Missouri, and it is where the downtown city area is. So whatever kind of home your family is looking for, there are truly distinct neighborhoods to choose from.

Food for All

As a new Kansas City resident, you know that there is more to town than farms full of corn. But Kansas City sure does have plenty of farms that supply the city with fresh produce and meats. Downtown restaurants pride themselves on their farm-to-table approach, and there are enough steakhouses around town to satisfy even the hungriest eaters in your family.

If you are moving to Kansas City and love variety, we have you covered! There is a pretty big BBQ scene in Kansas City and the sauce is something special; it is a delicious blend of molasses and tomato sauce (drool). There is also amazing soul food restaurants that won’t let you down (think mac and cheese, fried chicken and fried veggies).

Beer, Wine and Coffee

Beverages are kind of a big deal in Kansas City. Well, at least beer, wine, and coffee are. When it comes to beer, Boulevard Pale Ale takes the cake. This Kansas City-based brewing company is really popular throughout the Midwest, but the city has plenty of wine lovers too.

The Kansas City Wine Trail includes nine wineries and tastings that make for a great date! There is also a craft coffee shop on every corner, and Starbucks has not taken over.

For the Sports Fanatic

After moving to Kansas City, you will find that the city has a small town vibe. Nothing makes a community feel more tightly knit than sports, and Kansas City has some diehard fans.

During football season, all anyone talks about is the Kansas City Chiefs. And during baseball season, all anyone talks about is how good the Royals used to be. Sigh...you can’t win ‘em all. NASCAR is pretty popular here too, and the Kansas City Speedway hosts two annual race weekends.

Art is in the Air

Kansas City has a love affair with art. The Crossroads Arts District is full of galleries and culture. There are also shops and restaurants throughout the busy district, so go explore! The area is so full of art, partly because of Hallmark. The greeting card giant is headquartered in Kansas City and employs more artists than any other company.