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All My Sons: Our Guide to Living in Kansas City

Paris of the Plains. Back in the prohibition days Kansas City, Missouri was given the glorious nickname Paris of the Plains when a local politician refused to refuse the nationwide ban on alcohol. When a journalist was writing about the city, the made the statement, “If you want to see some sin, forget Paris and head to Kansas City.” Now that the ban on alcohol has been lifted and Kansas City isn’t considered to be so sinful, it is a great place to settle down with a family, or as an individual. There are is a large culturally diverse population, a strong art community, has quite the history. Not to mention a relatively low cost of living, a strong public school system, and a low unemployment rate.

There is some good news and some bad news when it comes time to move to Kansas City. The bad news is that the prime moving season for the country, summer, is not the prime moving season for Kansas City. Part of summer is tornado season, so it’s best to avoid that pretty much completely. The good news is that you don’t need a moving permit to relocate to Kansas City. Score!

Every August in Swope Park, Kansas City hosts the Ethnic Enrichment Festival to celebrate the cultural diversity that is alive and well in Kansas City, as well as bringing everyone together. There are two Little Italy neighborhoods, an Argentinian neighborhood, and a Croatian community, along with smaller groups of people from all over the world. And, at the end of August there is the Kansas City Irish Festival. Talk about a good time!

Each first Friday of the month there is a sort of gathering in the Crossroads Arts District where the local art galleries stay open later and everyone can go visit the galleries and mingle. Local restaurants are also open, as this event is all about promoting local artists, vendors, and restaurants. It is a good experience that has a good purpose behind it.

It isn’t known by many that Walt Disney actually started his doodles in Kansas City at his own Laugh-O-Gram Studios. Legend has it that he got his inspiration for Mickey Mouse from a mouse that he kept in his desk drawer. Not only did the great Walt Disney get his start in good ole’ Kansas City, but so did Ernest Hemingway. He began his writing career at the Kansas City Star, and occasionally slept in a bathtub at the Muehlebach Hotel. It doesn’t get much better than that. Not to mention the WWI museum that is housed inside and underneath the Liberty Memorial.

Aside from the factors that people normally look at when moving to a new city, Kansas City has everything that you could want. Whether you’re a young, single, professional, or a family that is married with kids, Kansas City is a great place to settle down. With incredible people like Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway having started their careers in Kansas City, it’s clear to see that it is a great place.