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Facts about Kansas City, Missouri

Considering packing up and moving to Kansas City?  Whether you are moving for personal or professional reasons, there are definitely some factoids about the area you will likely want to know. With a metro population of 2 million, there is definitely a wide range of neighborhoods, career choices, activities, schools, and more. The Kansas City region covers roughly 9,193 square miles – about the size of New Jersey! Kansas City’s two million residents reside in 18 different counties in Kansas and Missouri.

Did you know there is a program in Kansas City dedicated to helping residents obtain their dream home? This is a program that provides a forgivable loan to first-time homebuyers. It provides a loan up to 20% of the sales price of the home, with a maximum of $20,000. No payments are required on the forgivable loan. Ten percent is forgiven each year for ten years. This program is for homes that are valued at less than $150,000 and the program has a maximum income limit.

Barbecue is a big deal in Kansas City. It is home to more barbecue restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the country. Eighty restaurant establishments cook up their own versions of this mouthwatering treat. Every October, Kansas City hosts the largest barbecue competition in the world, called The American Royal Barbecue.

Want to upgrade the look of your home? Paint & paint supplies might be free. This program provides paint and supplies to eligible homeowners. You paint your own home, and it must be prepared for painting before they will give you the voucher. You have a choice of standard in-store paint colors. There is a maximum income level for this program.

Electricity? You can save on that, too. The Kansas City Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program sets out to help residents become more energy efficient with their appliances, to lower energy bills, and reduce use of fossil fuels during peak periods.

Kansas City is home to a lot of things you probably encounter on a regular basis. The Bernstein-Rein advertising company created the Happy Meal, a childhood staple, in 1976. Rival, Co. created the crock-pot in the 1960’s. M&M candy coating was invented in 1940 at MRIGlobal. And Chief Hale of the Kansas City, MO Fire Department created the fire pole at the turn of the century.