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Improve Your Kitchen for Under $500

Looking to move to Kansas City on a budget? Move into a new home that needs renovating on the cheap? Selling your home to move and need to update to sell? All My Sons of Kansas City has five tips on how you can spruce up your kitchen for no more than $500!

1) Liven up your knobs. Kitchen cabinet knobs and handles can easily look outdated. If you like the style of your current knobs but need to make them look like new, try spray painting them bronze or nickel for a more modern touch. Estimated cost: $10 for spray paint. Want to replace the knobs altogether? Count how many or which ones you would like to replace and pick them up at your local hardware store. Estimated cost: $0.97 each. 

2) Add backsplash. One of the first things that people notice when they look at the kitchen is the backsplash. Backsplash is important because it serves as a water barrier between the countertops and cabinets. If you currently have short backsplash (around 4 inches in height) then you can look for decorative tile to add above it, if you desire. You will have to buy a tile cutter at roughly $20 to cut tiles that will go around electrical outlets; you can also rent one. Estimated cost: $4.69 per square foot. If you already have backsplash and are biting your nails trying not to rip it off the walls, relax. Your can search online for backsplash stickers that can easily be applied over drywall or existing backsplash. Estimated cost: $9.98 per square foot. 

3) Buy an island. Not the vacation kind, but the kind that will provide extra counter space for your kitchen. If you do not have a big enough kitchen to add a free-standing island in the center, a cool feature is an island on wheels. An island on wheels will give you that extra counter space that you need and can serve as a prep table to keep countertops clean. Islands also tend to have shelving for extra storage space for your kitchen. Estimated cost: $279.99.

4) Paint. Painting the walls of your kitchen either to freshen up the current color, or add a completely new color, is a great way to make your kitchen look like new. Estimated cost: $34.98.

5) Decorate. Add personality and style by adding inexpensive decorative objects to your kitchen’s walls or on top of cabinets. Buy clear vases or differentiating shaped containers and fill them will colorful beads, shells, marbles, whatever you like. You can also change the containers’ contents seasonally to keep a fresh look year-round and allow different colors to stand out. Estimated cost: $50 for containers and contents. 

Don’t give up on your kitchen; there are plenty of ways to update and add character to your home, without breaking the bank.