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Important Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Storage Company

The big move is coming up, or maybe your downsizing. Regardless of the reason, you may need storage for some of your belongings during the process. All My Sons Moving & Storage has a large amount of storage units available for you to fill them up. But before you book with any old storage company in Kansas City, it’s important to know what to ask to ensure it’s the right fit for you.


What kind of security do you have?

The storage unit will hold your personal possessions. One of the first questions you need to ask the storage representative is about the security that the storage facility has. Their top priority should be keeping your items safe and secure.  


Have there ever been break-ins?

A good follow up to your question about security is to ask about any break in incidents the company has experienced. Another way to find this out is to look-up customer reviews first before you call.


Is the facility consistently patrolled, and how often is the area patrolled?

Yes, there may be a security system, but systems can go down or break for any number of reasons. An extra layer of human security doesn’t hurt.


Do you have photos available of empty storage units as well as the entire facility?

This should be no problem for the facility to provide. If it is, that is a huge red flag and it is highly recommended you look somewhere else.


Does the entire facility and all units contain smoke alarms in case of fires?

This should be a standard for every unit but always smart to double-check for these life savers.


In addition to smoke alarms, does the facility contain a sprinkler system?

Once again, this should be another standard and always a recommendation to ask about all safety features that the facility contains in case of any emergency that can emerge.


How Many Storage Units are available and what are the rates?

This is a sneaky way to find out how popular a storage company in Kansas City is. Typically, the more popular a facility the better the quality and service you’ll receive because you know it’s a trust location.


Can units be rented out on a month-to-month basis?

It’s always wise to understand the renting procedures for storage units and how much time is notice must be given before vacating the unit.


Is there any limit to the access of your unit?

This is a question that can get you many answers. You’ll be able to see how secure the facility is, how much access you have during your rental time and how easy it is for someone to get into the facility.


As a premier storage company in Kansas City, we want you to know All My Sons is a name you can trust amongst storage companies and packing supplies. Give us a call today and speak with a certified storage specialist that can answer your questions about our facility and units. Receive a hassle-free quote and schedule a visit to tour our storage facility and see how you can save as you store with All My Sons Moving & Storage.