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How to Properly Tip Your Kansas City Movers

When deciding to hire a moving company for your move to Kansas City, you are entrusting all of your possessions and belongings to strangers. Consumers put a lot of faith into their professional movers and expect great service throughout the process. But, most people are not aware of the fact that the process of moving is exactly that - a service.

Not compared to a waitress or someone who cuts your hair, Kansas City movers usually have a lot more riding on their job performance.  If a mover does a poor job packing, has a crummy attitude, drops your family heirloom, and drags your furniture across your new wood floor, then there is a lot more at stake and you have more of a reason to not consider giving a tip. But for moving companies like your local Kansas City movers, who you can trust on giving great customer service and treating your movables like their own, there is a proper etiquette required when it comes to tips.

As with any other service provider, you base the tip on “job performance”. If you feel that your movers were attentive and carefully relocated your items professionally and diligently, then give what you think is fair. Movers generally do not expect a tip, but it is appreciated when given. It shows that you have recognized their efforts and hard work. With all the stress that comes with moving, and all the small details in between, treating your Kansas City moving crew with respect and making them happy can benefit your overall moving experience.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to show appreciation to your movers:

  • Moving large furniture can put a strain on anyone, and it would only be common decency to provide bottled waters, soda, or sports drinks to your movers. This alone can show major appreciation.
  • Others like to tip their movers with a crew lunch; whatever you are comfortable with providing. Whether it’s delivery pizza or that home-made soup you scrapped up for lunch time, a good meal is always a generous offer.
  • If you simply prefer to tip your Kansas City movers than the proper etiquette depends on the amount of furniture and the hours. If your furniture is on the heavy side and so large that they have to narrow their way down winding stairs and steep corners then you should consider adding to the amount. Again, it is whatever you think is fair.
  • One tip from movers is to not give the lump sum to the main man or the driver. If all the movers equally showed their part in making the moving process safe and reliable, then show each individual your appreciation.
  • Avoid giving beer at the end of the move. Generally, this stereotypical idea that they want beer afterwards is usually wrong. Plus, moving companies have a no drinking rule and it can open up major liability issues.

Your local Kansas City movers know how stressful moving can be and we want to take away that stress by taking care of your belongings during your move. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage treat you and your things like family, and no matter how you reciprocate the appreciation, we will continue to ensure a safe and stress-free moving day.