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How to Reduce Moving and Packing Fees

No matter if your moving across the street or across the country, moving can be costly. The Kansas City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand this and have laid out how to cut costs for your next big move.

Be flexible for the date of your move. Peak season is during the summer and prices jump up. So, if you can wait for the season to die down, you can cut costs before even starting. Do your best to avoid the beginning and ends of the month as well. This is the time when leases are ending or beginning for renters and the need to move people in and out takes a leap. Once again, if you can’t avoid the summer, do your best to avoid holidays and weekends.

You can take a chance and do everything yourself. Yes, it will save you some money but not a significant amount. You also run the risk of not properly packing your possessions in the oversized truck that you’ve never driven before, but don’t worry your probably a professional and you don’t even know it. (Right?)

While the safe route is to hire the professionals at All My Sons it can however be cheaper than you think. During a DIY move you will have to pay for everything separately and the added costs could outweigh that of the full-service movers of AMS.

Whichever route you do take, one great way to cut costs before packing service fees are calculated is to purge through everything that is a waste of space. Anything that hasn’t moved in years, clothing that been acting like a cushion for other clothing and those old shoes that shouldn’t have a hole in them. It’s probably a good time you two part-ways, and you can thank them for saving you a few bucks too. Also, the more stuff you can get rid of, the better. If you have enough inventory that your willing to get rid of, have a garage sale. It’s never a problem when you sell something that has no value to you, but your neighbor is thrilled to see your finally okay with letting go of that lawn mower he always borrows.

When packing the items that will make the move, it’s important to stay organized and to pack properly. The more organized you are when you pack, the more items you can fit in boxes and the less packing products you will use. This will leave you with some extra cash to fill up the tank as you haul your most prized possessions into your new home.

AMS Pro Tip: You don’t always have to buy packing products. Do your research online. There is always someone looking to get rid of packing products and boxes that are collecting dust or taking up too much space. Chances are you can get them for free or next to nothing.

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