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How to Ensure that Your Movers Treat Your Items with Respect

Each year, thousands of moves go wrong and for numerous reasons. The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration receive roughly 3,000 complaints each year. Since the summer months of August, June and July are the peak moving months, one thing that you can do as a homeowner is understand that moving is not easy and that your mover could be overwhelmed or overworked. Although it is not your fault that it is moving season and your mover is extremely busy, you can do a little something to make sure that their moving experience (and yours) at your home goes smoothly.

In attempts to ensure that your movers treat your items and belongings with respect, Kansas City moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has tips on how you can make your movers happy to help!

  1. Provide food and beverages. Although this may seem ridiculous to some homeowners, understand that if you are moving during the peak summer months, it is hot outside! Even if it is not hot out, the process of moving and heavy lifting makes you sweat, so offer your movers bottles of water to keep them hydrated and moving at a good pace. Also, take into consideration the fact that they could spend hours on your move alone, so offering snacks is especially nice of you and courteous.
  2. Tip your Kansas City movers. If you are moving to Kansas City and the moving crew that you hired consists of one or two movers, tip them anywhere between $60-$70 so that they can split it. Now, it is important to tip them only if they do a good job. It’s a good idea to tip your mover a small amount before they move your belongings to give them incentive to handle your belongings with care, and then tip them more once your move is completed. If there are more than two movers, a proper tip is $30 per person. If your Kansas City movers do an amazing job, a generous tip is $100.
  3. Allow them to take a break. If you are moving to Kansas City and are hiring a long distance moving company, your mover is most likely going to charge you via weight and not hourly. If this is the case, allow your movers to take a break if it seems like they need one. Especially if you have a large home and are hiring full service movers, allow them to take a break when they need and supply them with food for their break.

Regardless of how long or short your move is and regardless of its difficulty, a lot of bad moving experiences could be avoided by the homeowner being overly generous and courteous. If you did hire a rogue mover, they may be less likely to damage your belongings or hold them hostage if you treated them with the utmost respect.