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History Of Kansas City


There is a long history of Kansas City, Missouri you should be aware of before relocating to our community. The Kansas City movers understand the importance of becoming familiar with the area of your new home before your big move. You can trust our team of experts to not only provide you with wonderful moving services, but also with sharing the history of Kansas City.

Did you know there are two Kansas Cities? Do you know when Kansas City was established? Our Kansas City local movers have the answers to all your history of Kansas City questions.


When was Kansas City Established?

Kansas City, Missouri was founded in 1838. When Missouri defeated its rival, Westport, it became the predominant city west of St. Louis. The area that Kansas City now occupies is located between the Missouri and Kansas borders, where the Missouri and Kansas rivers meet.

In the 19th century, Frenchmen moved from St. Louis along the Missouri River to trap for furs to trade with the Native Americans. Kansas City’s location is a strategic place for commerce and security. It has also played a significant part in the westward expansion of the US.


How Did Kansas City Get Its Name?

In 1850 the are of Westport Landing was incorporated as the Town of Kansas. The name was originated from the Kansas or Kaw river, which was named for the Kansa Indians. In 1853, the state of Missouri incorporated the area as the City of Kansas and in 1889 renamed Kansas City to its known name.


Why Are There Two Kansas Cities?

If you’re wondering: “Is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?” The answer is both! There is a Kansas City in Kansas because during the same time as Kansas City, Missouri was developing, settlers in Kansas across the river were beginning to develop as well. Kansas decided to name their town Kansas City after the growing Missouri city, to capitalize on its name. The name sake went into effect on 1872.

What is Kansas City Known For?

While Kansas City is known for various reasons, there are three major reasons why Kansas City is so famous. The trustworthy Kansas City residential movers have explained what Kansas City is known for below.

1. Fountains: There are 200 fountains in Kansas City. When the city was developed in the 1800s, the designers were inspired by the fountains of Europe and decided to add fountains to all the parks and squares. The main purpose of the fountains was just for looks, but they also became useful drinking vessels for horses and other animals.

2. BBQ: Kansas City is famously known for their BBQ. We suggest testing some out and enjoy the fall of the bone taste from places like Jack Stack or Joe’s Kansas City. There is also a nonprofit Barbecue Society in Kansas City, that has 20,000 members, and promotes enjoyable BBQ.

3. Verrückt: Located in the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Verrückt is the world’s largest waterslide. With 263 steps and standing at 168 feet tall. The water slide was confirmed as the world’s largest by the Guinness Book of World Records. There are 25 turns on the slide, and it has a longer drop than Niagara Falls!


Now that you are more informed of the history of Kansas City, All My Sons Moving & Storage hopes that you start to feel more at home! Let us take care of your moving needs with our professional moving services, where we treat your family like ours. Call today to make your appointment!