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Guide to Packing and Moving to a New Home


There is so much that goes into preparing for a move. You want to start early, so that you aren’t behind or stressed out. You should start with transferring your information. Know all of the utilities you are responsible for and make those transfers to your new place. The next change you can make is the changing of your address. You can request a change of address form online, and make sure you change your address with your credit card as well. The postal service will verify your change of address based off of the address attached to your credit card.

Next, you should start looking for packing products. There a ton of places to buy packing products, but it can add up. If you choose to hire packing services, All My Sons Kansas City includes packing products in your services. Should you choose to forgo packing services, you can definitely find cheap and/or free boxes in your community. Most retailers and liquor stores have a great deal of boxes and are looking to get rid of them.


You should start the packing process by packing like you’re going on vacation. What we’re trying to say is: you’re going to need a bag full of essentials set aside for your first night or two in your new home.

After you’ve set aside clothes, toiletries and whatever else you’ll need, you should start sorting. Start in one room and get rid of anything that you know you won’t need in your new home. This is your opportunity to declutter and not bring any extra baggage to your new home.

Once you’ve decluttered everything, you should also pack room by room. According to our Kansas City movers, the unpacking process will go a lot quicker if you can just put boxes in their corresponding room on moving day.

Just because you’re packing room by room, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t label. You still want to label everything! Labeling will help you keep track of everything when you are unpacking. You can get as specific as you want with labeling, if that will help keep you sane. You can create your own inventory lists or even use a mobile app.

Moving In

Hopefully you labeled everything carefully so the unloading process is easy. If you labeled each room carefully and correctly, all you have to do is drop the boxes off in their respective rooms.

You should do your best to clean and dust your furniture before moving it into your house. You can obviously do a full clean once everything is settled in, but you should definitely do a quick dust before you bring your furniture into your house.  

If any of your furniture has to be reassembled, and you don’t remember how to put things back together again, request for the instructions to be sent to you from the manufacturer.

When you finally finish unpacking everything, you’ll have a ton of boxes, paper and other packing products left over. If your boxes are in pretty good condition, you can post on Craigslist to get rid of them. Most other packing products will probably need to be disposed of properly.