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Gardening Tips for Your Gladstone Home

You are finally settled into your new Gladstone home. All of the boxes are unpacked, the walls are painted, and your furniture looks great. Maybe you have even checked out the Gladstone Community Center or one of the city’s several parks. Either way, you feel something just is not right. Then it hits you: your suburban sanctuary is missing an outdoor oasis! Your yard is bare and unwelcoming, and it definitely does not match the interior of your home that you spent so much time perfecting. Lucky for you, your Gladstone moving company has plenty of tips and tricks to achieve a lush and green garden in no time!

-You can bank on perennials. Technically, these are plants that live for more than two years, but in many cases, they can last for years on end. There are tons to choose from, and whether you choose fruits, herbs, vegetables or flowers, the investment is likely to pay off. While perennials are more expensive, they will often pay for themselves, since you won’t have to replant them for many years.

-Do you love seasonal plants, but hate digging them up each time there is a change in the weather? Try digging holes not for your plants, but for empty plastic pots, then plant whatever seasonal shrub you dream up! When it starts to die, simply remove it from the pot, which will be ready for whatever else you have up your sleeve.

-Looking to be a little more eco-friendly? Then make your own weed killer. All it takes is a gallon of white vinegar, a cup of table salt, and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Make sure not to spray your grass, because this stuff is a killer!

-Do you love coffee as much as you love gardening? Good, because we can put your used grounds to work! Whether you are plating roses, hydrangeas, tomatoes, corn or a slew of other plants, coffee can be a great natural fertilizer. It also acts as a natural pesticide, as it keeps ants and slugs away. Who knew?

-You can also use Epsom salt to give plants an added boost. It is rich in magnesium and sulfate, which are great for thriving plants! You just need a tablespoon or two per plant, and you will notice a difference in no time!

-Next time you boil veggies for dinner, pour the remaining water (once it has cooled) into your potted plants. The nutrients from the vegetables will give you plants some extra nutrients!

-Large flowerpots look lovely on front and back porches, but they can be a hassle to move when it gets cold or the plants die. To solve this problem, try filling the bottom half of the pots with packing peanuts. The peanuts still allow for drainage, just make sure to add some landscape fabric over top before you add the soil.

Once your Gladstone garden is complete, it will make you love your home even more! A garden, whether in the front or back, will bring a sense of tranquility and hominess to your new residence, and it is something the entire family can enjoy. So get busy planting!