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Add Fresh Paint to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Now that spring is finally in full force, chances are you are looking for ways to brighten up your home and give it a quick pick me up before the summer months settle in. Whether or not you are packing and moving to a new home or just looking to inject a burst of life into your humble abode after the dreary winter season, then what better way to do that other than adding a pop of bright paint to liven up any surface? Try some of these tips from your local Kansas City movers, on easy ways to paint almost anything.

  1. Pattern. Opt out of outdated wallpaper and try the most recent trend in decorating – paint a wall with a stencil and see your room magically transform.
  2. Table. Looking to completely redo one of your rooms or just revamp it a little bit? Then paint a key piece from one of your rooms – such as a console table or TV unit – in a bright shade of blue or yellow for an instant pick-me-up, no matter what room it is.
  3. Baskets. Do you use a ton of storage bins and baskets but hate the eyesore they create to your decorating? Use spray paint to make them stand out in a way that adds to the décor – not take away from it.
  4. Floor. Can’t stand the flooring that the previous owners put in your home? There’s a simple solution – just add a fresh coat of paint for your room to immediately have a whole new feel.
  5. Cabinets.  For a boho-chic look, paint the outside of your cabinets a bright color and see how the mood of your kitchen instantly elevates the whole feel of your home.
  6. Shade. Getting tired of your favorite lampshade but don’t want to toss it out just yet? Paint an interesting pattern on it in an eye-catching color and it will be like you have a whole new light fixture!
  7. Pillows. Did you know that you can even paint pillows? Well, it turns out you can. Use satin acrylic paint on your fabrics and pick out a stencil pattern that goes with the rest of your house, and see how this effortless pick-me-up immediately brings new life to your home.
  8. Art. Who said that you have to invest in an expensive piece of art in order to add some creativity to your home? Skip the expensive galleries in lieu of painting your own art – there are a ton of DIY tips on Pinterest on how to effortlessly create your own masterpiece.
  9. Dresser. Give your room a luxe feel, by making your dresser look much more expensive than it really is. Choose a long stencil that you can use to paint on the drawers of your dresser with a bright and cheery color, for your room to look brand new while barely trying.