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Fake a Clean House

We’ve all been there—a last minute phone call or message where we realize we are about to have company over, whether we are truly prepared or not. While some don’t bat an eyelash at the last minute stresses of hosting, some people find it overwhelming. Here at the Kansas City movers, we want to help you learn how to throw your home into order under a short time and make it seem as though you have it all together. With a few key areas of the home you can easily fake a clean house.

First, the living room. The key area where company often comes and congregates, you want to seem as though you have this area under control. Flip the couch cushions and brush off any dog hair or other debris that may have collected. Stack books and magazines in neat piles on the coffee table or toss them all in a basket out of the way. Pull curtains closed—natural light can something accentuate dust and other cleanliness flubs. Drape a throw blanket on the arm or back of the couch to emit a welcoming vibe.

Next, the kitchen. Put as many dishes as you can in the dishwasher, and stow the others in a big stock pot to get them out of the sink and out of plain sight. Spray Febreze or light a candle to kill any food odors or funky kitchen smells. Fold hand towels and wipe down counter tops with moistened clean cloths.

The bathroom is another spot where people are likely to use, so be sure to sweep any hair out of the way, light a candle, wipe the spots off of the mirror and hang a clean fluffy hand towel for drying hands. Also, empty the garbage and take a cleaning wipe to the toilet and to the sink to rid any hair or other clues of uncleanliness. Close the shower curtain and remove dirty laundry to kill any sweat or dirty smell that may be lingering on the dirty clothes.

Grin and try to focus on your company rather than a stray piece of junk mail or something else that catches your eye. After all, your house is meant to be lived in, not too perfectly kept and clean.