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Elevator Charges and Moving Tips

If you are moving to Kansas City and will be hiring a moving company, it is important to know that you will most likely be charged by the Kansas City moving company for having to use the elevator during the moving process. This is called an Elevator Carry charge.

When researching moving companies, local Kansas City movers want you to be aware that not every company will charge an elevator carry charge. However, the ones that do will most likely charging that additional fee per hour.

On the other hand, some movers might not charge you an elevator moving fee if you are moving locally. As always recommended, you should research at least three Kansas City movers before you choose which one to hire. If you are moving from a location that requires using an elevator, make sure that you find out whether or not the Kansas City movers have an Elevator Carry charge.

Once you select a moving company, there are a few moving tips to make sure that the movers are efficiently moving your belongings in the elevator.  

The very first step is to contact the landlord or property manager in order to discuss any restrictions that they may have for using the service elevator. Depending on the residence, the building may have a service elevator that is dedicated solely for tenant moves. Service elevators are separate from the one that they use for the maintenance crew, so double check with your landlord/property manager before Kansas City movers start moving your belongings.

You will also want to discuss with your landlord a timeframe that they feel is best for all of the building’s tenants. Once you work out the moving details with your landlord, be sure to relay them to your movers.

Hold the elevator. After you have the logistics worked out with the property manager and moving company, you will want to make sure that you (and your movers) do not do any damage to the elevator. If the elevator is not lined with padding, make sure that all corners of furniture are padded. This will avoid scratching the walls of the elevator, as well as your landlord from trying to charge you for moving damages.

Proper Equipment. It is much easier to move your belongings in and out of an elevator if you have the proper equipment. If you have hired a Kansas City moving company, like All My Sons, they should be professional enough to know that moving boxes with a dolly is the easiest way to move when using an elevator. Another piece of professional moving equipment that your movers should have on hand is a commercial hamper. Commercial hampers are perfect for moving multiple, large, even awkwardly shaped items all at once. You can simply roll it in and out of the elevator.

Moving Furniture. Moving furniture in an elevator can be extremely difficult and tedious, as it must be handled with caution and care. Again, if you hired a professional Kansas City moving company, they will know this. A job for you to do before your movers show up is measure your largest pieces of furniture and determine how they will fit in the elevator. If they just barely fit, try removing the arms and legs. A full service moving company in Kansas City will be able to properly disassemble your furniture, allowing it to fit in the elevator when you are moving out. They will also be able to reassemble it at your new residence as well.

Manpower. Make sure that your moving crew is equipped with enough personnel. Ideally, you should have one person who stays downstairs with the moving truck, another who stays upstairs giving directions and making sure that strangers do not enter your residence, and a group of three strong people in charge of the hauling.