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Developing Your 60 Day Packing Plan

Straight to it. We’re sixty days away from moving day and the arrival of your Kansas City moving company. We need to pack. So, what’s first?

Create a folder that can hold all your documents. Quotes, receipts, records, etc.

Create a budget: don’t low ball it, be realistic, and keep your priorities in line.

Do your best to request time so the moving process doesn’t have to be rushed.

If you have kids, research schools in the area if you haven’t already, as well as request their transcripts.

Go through all your old stuff and things you don’t use anymore. Plan a garage sale.

After completing the first list, you should be about 45 days away and its really time to start buckling down. Let’s continue the process.

Don’t forget about the friends and loved ones who made your current home the best place it could be. Throw one last small get together before packing everything and making the move.

Start gathering good quality boxes. To save some cash, visit local bookstores, restaurants, grocery stores and office supply stores for free boxes. Just ask and they should have some that they are throwing away or piling up in the back of the store.

Visit All My Sons Moving & Storage’s Movers Blog for tips, tricks and hacks for ways to make moving a little simpler.

Call a certified packing expert about packing services, products and supplies.

Start packing all the items you use the least. As you pack, label boxes large and clear. Make an inventory list that shows everything that is packed in each box. Don’t be afraid to over-exaggerate Fragile labels.

As you pack electronics take photos of the wires and how their connected for help when your resetting them up.

For those moving into apartments, contact the apartment owner about moving day requirements.

Do your best to pack at least one box a day.

At this point your probably thinking, I can’t believe I only have 30 days until the move.

Don’t have moving insurance? Why don’t you have moving insurance? Get moving insurance!

Depending on the area you may have to seek a moving permit for truck parking. Do some research.

Should be able to decipher which items are not going, or you couldn’t sell in a garage sale. Don’t pack them just because; donate them.

Contact your phone, internet and electrical company about the move and the process to transfer the account to your new residents. 

If you completed everything so far, good job, but were not done yet. We got 2 weeks until the big day.

Update your files folders with any new information, records, documents.

Dump all the items in your fridge that can easily be replaced. It’s a new house, so start fresh. Prep meals for the next two weeks. It may take a little time but it’ll be worth it on moving day.

Change you address on all accounts.

Cell phone, credit cards, mail/post office

Transfer any accounts that need the address change. Any memberships you may be a part of. Have them transferred or canceled. Update your driver’s license.

1 week out. We’re almost there, exhausted yet?

Food that’s still good. Donate it, it’s unnecessary to pack extra items like cans of food.

As you begin to clear out rooms, clean them. Even though it won’t be your home in a week, it’s still your responsibility. You’ll feel better when the house is clean.

Start preparing your overnight bag for the day of the move. Begin defrosting your refrigerator. Check all shelves and closets for anything you may have missed.

Take photos to show how well you did with the move out process. These are really to protect yourself in case someone wants to say you damaged something before you moved out.

At this point, you should have access to the new house. If not, it’s time to panic. Give the place a quick cleaning so it’s ready for the big day.

And here we are. Moving day. We’ve brought you this far. Be ready for when your Kansas City moving company arrives, and best of luck. You got this.

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