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Cleaning Essentials for Your Kansas City Home

Cleaning your home is vital to keeping your family healthy. While there are rows and rows of products in the grocery store claiming to be the best, hardest working, or most effective at ridding your home of soap scum, dirt or dust, among other things, the Mission Hills movers want to help you simplify your cleaning closet by sharing the most effective products and tools for your cleaning arsenal.

Products to keep on hand: Vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, Borax, sponges, rubber gloves and coffee filters.

Tools to integrate into your cleaning routine:

A standing broom & dustpan. Some newer models of dustpans even have a rake attached to scrape off dust, hair, and other debris from the broom bristles. The upright duo will also help make cleaning easier on days when you have backaches or sore muscles and bending over to use a traditional dustpan is near impossible.

Reusable cleaning towels. Microfiber towels and lint free cleaning cloths are more expensive than traditional rags, but they pay off when the clear surfaces are shining back at you without a sign of lint or streaking.

A cleaning caddy for your tools and products. Purchase a larger one so that you can fit everything you need and will prevent trips back and forth grabbing additional products or things that wouldn’t fit.

An updated plunger. Newer plungers that have been introduced to the market are much more sanitary than plungers of the past. Well known brands like Rubbermaid have created models that are less likely to splatter when the job is done.

A squeegee. Combat soap scum daily by keeping a squeegee close by to clean post-shower. Run the squeegee along shower doors to wipe away water that later breeds into soap scum, mold, and mildew. Be sure to get one with a suction cup for easy access in the shower.

Pick up a grout brush. Clean freaks rejoice! Gone are the frustrating days of trying to scrub in the creaks and cracks of the shower grout. Now, a brush designed specifically to slide into those small crevices can make cleaning the shower and easier ordeal.