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Best Time to Move to Kansas City

Be careful not to call it Kansas—it’s Kansas City!

Home of Hemingway and great steaks, Kansas City attracts thousands of individuals every year to its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. Before you move to Kansas City, though, you should keep in mind the best time to move. To Kansas Citians, the answer to this is pretty clear—anytime is the best time to move to Kansas City.

Your Missouri movers have some key advice to keep in mind before making your move. Anytime is a great time to move to this Missouri city, but some timeframes stand above the rest. Here they are:


Skip the Spring

This one might make you cringe. Yes—Kansas City is especially beautiful during the spring, meaning that it’s just about the worst time to move. Due to the city’s changing weather, most people decide to make their move during the more temperate months of spring and summer. For this reason, it can be much more difficult and much more expensive to purchase a home and hire a moving company. Everyone is thinking the same thing, so homes are sold, and companies are booked, leaving you in the proverbial Kansas City dust.

Go against the grain, instead, and move during the less popular holiday months. The weather may fluctuate, but the best time to move to Kansas City is October through April. The market will be less populated, and homeowners will be more eager to sell their homes. Also, you’ll have a greater chance of scheduling your moving company for the day and time you want. Not to mention, the annual Vine Jazz and Blues Festival is held in October for all you jazz-junkies out there.


Meet in the Middle

Mid-month, mid-week. These times are proven to yield the most affordable and enjoyable moving experiences. Both times are less popular for individuals making their move to Kansas City, and companies like your Missouri movers are more apt to be available during these times. This also provides you with the majority of the week to get unpacking and shopping done before the weekend. If you finish early, take the family out for dinner at the famous Arthur Bryant’s KC barbeque joint graced by the likes of Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter.


Hop Out of Bed & Get a Move On

Kansas City is more hipster than even hipsters can handle sometimes. Populated by rows and rows of artesian coffee shops, Kansas Citians can enjoy a cup of coffee brewed from organic Brazilian coffee beans. It will probably taste the same as your average cup of Folgers, but hey, it’s hipster.

The coffee isn’t the only reason why the best time to move to Kansas City is in the morning. The weather is usually much more stable in the morning, and moving companies are more prone to schedule your move from 8-10 a.m. Plus, you’ll be done with the heavy-lifting early in the day when you have the most energy to get through it. Then you can stop at Quay Coffee for another kickstart.


Move to Kansas City with your All My Sons Missouri movers today, and they can help you choose the best time to move for you and your family.