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Best Kansas City Moving Apps of 2019

As you’re getting ready for your upcoming move to Kansas City, your plate is full of various relocation tasks. Of course, you’ll most likely book Missouri movers to help you settle into your new home, but have you coordinated the process on your end? At first, coordinating everything can seem discouraging, but with the advancement of mobile technology in the modern world, you can meticulously plan the move using different apps. The Kansas City movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage list the best moving apps in 2019.



If you’re still in search of a new home in Kansas City, start by downloading Zillow. [1] This highly-rated app helps potential homebuyers and renters throughout the “house-hunting” process by letting users browse through thousands of house and apartment listings across the country. Zillow also provides resources like a current mortgage and rental rates. A bonus to using the app is the real-time view of the neighborhood around your selected listing, giving you the overall feel of the area.



After finding your new home in Kansas City, make it easier on yourself by laying out a floorplan for your furniture in advance. Magicplan [2] is one of the best moving apps in 2019 because you can conveniently arrange your furniture virtually. No more “move the table a little bit to the left. Actually, move it to the other wall.” All you have to do is walk around the new house with the app open to create an augmented reality of the floor plan. Magicplan also provides 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying.



Do you have one too many relocation tasks to organize and complete? Apps like Wunderlist [3] make a great addition to organize your moving checklist. You can create to-do lists that include your moving tasks and errands. Features include folders, tags, and sharing tools to help you stay organized and even push notifications to alert you when due dates are approaching. In addition to organizing tasks, Wunderlist can be synced to multiple devices, letting others in the family keep track of the things that still need to get done before moving to Kansas City.


Facebook Marketplace

There’s no need to move into a new home with old, useless junk, so our Kansas City movers recommend downloading the Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, users buy and sell just about anything: from books and clothes to furniture and vehicles. The Marketplace is a great way to both lighten your load and put money back in your pocket after a big move.


Moving with the Experts in Relocation

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