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A New Year, A New Home in Kansas City

If you were brave enough to tackle a winter move and are ringing in the New Year in a new home in Kansas City, local moving companies want you to get the most out of your New Year’s move. There are so many ways in which you can make the first year in your new home one to remember, just follow some of these tips from the professional movers at All My Sons.

New Year’s Housewarming Party – Perhaps the most fun activity on our list, Kansas City movers suggest using the New Year holiday as your housewarming party. Invite friends, family, and new neighbors over and serve light drinks and food, or ask for everyone to bring one dish to share if you are not yet unpacked and settled in enough to prepare food for everyone. Encourage your guests to wander around your new home or take them on a tour before the party really commences.

Perform a Dedication – A new year, a new home in Kansas City would be made even better and/or encouraged by a dedication made to your new life in your new home. Use candles, flowers, and any other meaningful items to create your own blessing ceremony, or enlist the help of a professional.

Get to Know Your Neighbors – It is extremely important that you use your first year in your new home in Kansas City to get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors may be able to give you guidance about the area and let you in on any local secret treasures and hot spots that you and your family or friends can enjoy. They can also let you know which places you should stay away from, if any.

Decorate Your New Home – The best way to celebrate the New Year in a new home is by decorating it and turning it into the home that you have always dreamed of. Kansas City movers suggest selling items that may be outdated or that you would simply like to replace with something new and more stylish. By selling items from your old home and finally purchasing newer items, you and your family will fall even more in love with the new house.

Celebrate the Holidays – If it is your very first year in your new home, it is important to make the holidays even more significant. Your very first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in your new home in Kansas City is going to set the mood for those to come. Make your first holiday memories great ones!

Traditions – A new year, a new home in Kansas City is the perfect time to create new traditions. Whether it be promising to cook more or cook healthier, creating a weekly family chore list, or finding something extra special to do as a family each Sunday, Kansas City moving professionals have seen many families thrive in city by creating new traditions in their new town and new home.