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Declutter for Good

Have you ever thought about how clutter affects your life? Aside from hogging drawer and shelf space, clutter is actually draining on you. The more stuff you have, the more unorganized you are, and the more you continue to hoard and acquire is detrimental to your sanity, your health, and your quality of life overall. Here at Kansas City movers, we want to help you break free from the draining hold that clutter has over your life once and for all. Read on to learn more about breaking free from clutter.

Think of the benefits. Aside from spending less money on superfluous items, you will become more focused, energized, and organized. What's not to love? In one weekend there are five clutter combatting exercises you can undertake to come out happy and with less stress by Monday. Sound good? Let's get started!

Clean out shoes. Tackle the shoe are of everyone's closet and take an honest inventory of what stays and what goes. Empty your shoe collections into the hallway and pair up shoes that are of the same style, such as athletic shoes with athletic shoes and flip flops with sandals. Now it's time to be honest. Anything that you constantly opt not to wear, you don't really like, or that don't fit properly should be tossed in a box to be donated. The only items on the fence are items you might now have worn yet, but have purchased for an upcoming trip or sport.

Take it to the toys. Children collect toys in excessive volumes throughout the year, and getting them to part with certain toys can prove quite challenging. We suggest making it into a game and having them choose their five favorite toys. Next, have them choose five toys that they would like to donate to another child who is less fortunate and doesn't have any toys. You're probably aware of some toys that were played with rarely to never,band you can silently add these to the donate pile.

Your clothing. This can be the hardest part of decluttering. If you are married, tackle only one wardrobe at a time to stay focused and efficient. Keep only what you love, period. Nostalgic clothing might have a place in a space bag stuffed into the closet down the hall, but it doesn't need to be hogging valuable real estate in your shared bedroom closet.

Enjoy giving your barely used items to people who will truly appreciate and cherish them. Realize that the best part of decluttering is that while technically having less items, you have more to work with when everything is something you really adore.