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6 Ways To Keep Your House Neat & Tidy

Cleaning your house is a necessary part of life. Period. Living in a house that is dusty or dirty is a gateway to respiratory problems, allergies and a slew of other sicknesses, so you want to be sure to keep your living space neat and clean. The Kansas City movers have a few tips to share on how to keep your house clean by incorporating little habits into your normal routine.

One way to effectively clean your home is by making it into a game. Give yourself 15 minutes in each room and see how much you can get done before the buzzer dings. If you dedicate an hour, it breaks in to 4 rooms. Do this as frequently as need be (more so if you have more than four rooms in your home or apartment!) and watch as cleaning becomes less of a big event and more of a daily routine you maintain.

With that in mind, you should do a 15 minute pickup before bedtime. Put away toys, shoes and other items left astray at the day’s end. Waking up to a clean home is relaxing and can set a positive tone for the rest of your day…you’ll see!

Clean little stains and spills as they occur. One of the biggest deterrents to cleaning is a big pile of dishes to deal with. By rinsing dishes as you are done with them you can eliminate that as a stressor. Wiping counters daily will prohibit germs and keep small messes from growing into larger ones.

Don’t just pile up mail as you pick it up. Sort through it, throw out junk, discard catalogs and envelopes. This will significantly cut down on paper clutter, one of the most unsightly kinds of clutter!

Try to do it a little at a time. Don’t wait to accumulate enough laundry to fill an afternoon, instead try to do one small load each day. This will also cut down on your need to buy everyday items such as socks or underwear, because you’ll always have some freshly laundered.

Tackle one big project each week. Whether it’s the hall closet, your car, or your desk, pick one area to really focus your energy on and clean well. By doing one area at a time, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.