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Where to Eat in Jacksonville

If there is one thing our community loves to do it is checking out the coolest restaurants, cheap eats and fine dining. Our exciting community is filled with unique restaurants and local eateries that will satisfy all your cravings. The trustworthy Jacksonville movers are here to share options when you are unsure where to eat in Jacksonville.


Coolest Restaurants in Jacksonville

According to the Jacksonville local movers, our locals enjoy unique dining experiences at the coolest restaurants in Jacksonville. Whether you are looking for diverse dining or a funky atmosphere, check out these options for the coolest restaurants in Jacksonville.

1. Black Sheep Restaurant

Black Sheep Restaurant is one of the coolest restaurants in Jacksonville for its hip American lounge and tasty food. They focus on farm to table food through their fast-casual service during the day and full-service experience on nights and weekends. Their building has a unique shape and they have a wonderful rooftop deck with exquisite views. The Black Sheep Restaurant offers an extensive brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert menu along with specialty bar drinks. Their most popular options include Old Bay potato chips, sautéed kale, French onion soup, braised lamb, sweet corn crème bruleé and banana pudding sundae.


DOMU is a unique Asian fusion hot spot that specializes in serving ramen. This is one of the coolest restaurants in Jacksonville because not only do they make their own noodles, but they have taken authentic Japanese techniques and infuse them with a modern twist. You can also choose from one of DOMU’s classic ramen creations or one of the traditional options. They also offer signature dishes including the DOMU wings, vegetable dishes, Asian sandwiches, rice bowls and delicious soft-serve ice cream.


Best Cheap Eats in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville residential movers understand how expensive it is to relocate to a new city. There is no shame in wanting to find the best cheap eats when you don’t know where to eat in Jacksonville. Just because these restaurants offer food at a lower cost doesn’t take away from the quality of their fares.

1.  Shut ‘Em Down Authentic Southern Restaurant

This excellent establishment is family-owned and has been serving our community delicious southern food since 2014. Shut ‘Em Down Authentic Southern Restaurant is one of the best cheap eats in Jacksonville and they consistently offer delicious family recipes. You must try their traditional fried chicken, cornbread, fried pork chops, chicken strips, mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie. The best part is nothing on the menu is over $15!

2. Mr. Taco

Don’t be fooled by Mr. Taco’s façade; though it might not look Instagram-worthy, their delicious Tex-Mex is absolutely worth it! All items on their extensive menu are under $15. You can build your own burrito, customize your tacos and satisfy your taste buds with their fajitas. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the tasty food at Mr. Taco.


Fine Dining in Jacksonville

Aside from the coolest restaurants and cheap eats, you can find fine dining in Jacksonville. Our Jacksonville long-distance movers suggest checking out some of these establishments.

1. Orsay

Orsay is one of the greatest options for fine dining in Jacksonville. This is a French/American restaurant that specializes in seafood. Their elegant dining room provides a romantic ambiance that’s perfect for a date night. They serve king crab toast, shrimp cocktail, braised beef short rib, raw oyster bar, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and so much more.

2. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

This is a modern casual-fine dining restaurant that offers handcrafted food with perfect wine pairings. Their upscale dining room and Napa-style tasting room make for a delightful evening. Aside from their extensive wine menu, their food options include Mexican drunken shrimp, Thai lettuce wraps, chicken potstickers, roasted vegetable & goat cheese flatbread and beef, chicken and pork entrees.

Once you settle down in your new house, you now know all about where to eat in Jacksonville. Call our professional movers today to learn more about our beneficial resources.